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Some insomniac ramblings about a house

Hey it’s ya girl Letti and I’m still not sleeping at correct hours.

I might be in a bit of a manic period where I have 5 million ideas a minute.

So there’s this housing development I’ve got my eye on. It hasn’t actually got planning permission yet but I’m hoping it goes through because it seems as though they are actually going to offer 4-bed shared-ownership houses.

There’s a particular model of house that I like that I think would fit us.


Plot 48
House model in planning documents.

There are numerous variables that could change so I’m just taking the plans at face value. There are no measurements given at this stage so I tried working them out based on the scale. I have almost definitely got this at least partially wrong.


I tried recreating the house in Floorplanner based on what I think the measurements are. I didn’t copy every detail and there are some parts that are a bit off because I didn’t make the internal walls thinner.

My attempted recreation with added furniture.


Game room render
Game room.
lounge render
lounge render 2
A heart-shaped cat scratcher was the only available one and I used it to represent a wall-mounted cat tree.
kitchen render
Hallway render
Upstairs hall.

Hallway render 2

bedroom render
bedroom render 2
Used the coolest guy available to represent Will.
bedroom render 3
Not sure about the bedroom layout.
bedroom render 4
Those sconces are way oversized.


So yeah, who knows if that’s the model of house we’ll end up getting but those are some of my thoughts about where stuff could go.

And of course, we don’t know where radiators are going to be. Radiators are such a pain in the ass for getting furniture nicely against the wall. Apparently a skirting board-based alternative to radiators is becoming more of a thing and maybe newbuild houses will start coming with those.

If you’re interested in my concepts for individual rooms, I have a lot of stuff about that on Pinterest.

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