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Filofax redux

10 years ago I had a Filofax. A bit of green paper from it is what I first wrote my phone number on for Will, and he still keeps the same bit of paper in his wallet, even though the number itself has long ceased to exist.

It was a pocket-sized green Songbird model. Aside from the fact that this ended up being way too small for the amount of scribbling I did, I became disenchanted with it due to generally going through a lot at the time. I went on quite a wide-ranging planner journey after that, and in the last few years went with the bullet journal method.

There was still something vaguely unsatisfying about it though, and after a lot of thinking I realised I was repeating the same lists sometimes because they would just get lost in the book. For example, I’ve got a list of sewing repairs I need to get around to, but it ends up being buried back 25 pages after I’ve done loads of current task lists, and I don’t like going back to look at it.

Then I had an epiphany; could I use a Filofax like a bullet journal? Having dotted paper and sections where lists won’t get buried? The answer is yes, and I’m far from the first person to have the idea.

So here is my A5 Domino Luxe in purple. The teal was a close contender. People do complain about how massive the A5s are but I knew anything smaller would be a waste of money for me.


Not my preferred diary layout but I can ignore the timestamps.
And I already have a really nice diary for 2021 in there.

Filofax may still have an association with 80’s businessmen running around in suits and hurriedly scribbling onto a stuffed-in page.  But they’re useful and pretty much infinitely customisable as well. You can put whatever you want in it as long as you can attach it to the rings.

This week’s stream went OK although I got stressed pretty early on. I don’t know the UB levels very well and I do not enjoy the sheer number of enemies. But I love the moving cats on the walls.

I was touching the dog here but it looked like I was doing something else to Will because of the window in the corner. Cringe video version.
Here I had a freakout about mummies.
And one about Atlanteans.

We also got ambushed by Bertie as well as pretty much every animal in the house.

And here’s a picture of Joop pulling a funny face.


It’s weird how you can forget that some things make noise.


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