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Big brain time

Pyramid glitch
Our 2nd stream certainly had some moments.


I’ve been doing a lot of lying down for the past couple of days because, of all things, I managed to pull my urethral sphincter. How did I do it? I was laughing at something the cat did, and suddenly, pain. I didn’t even pee but apparently my urethra objected and it’s more painful than you’d expect!


This week’s stream (again, available for a short time) is actually only 2 hours instead of 4 because I managed to get the pyramid glitch right and skip a lot of bollocks.


And the clips we have this week are:

It’s big brain time
(I don’t know why I suddenly started saying that on the day but my husband hates it)

Skateboard Kid

Ancient Poo Emoji


We aim to stream again on Sunday and it will probably be the Unfinished Business PC bonus levels. They are gorgeous and quite cat-focused but also mad as a box of frogs.

The week after that I want to do Anniversary so people might actually recognise the TR1 levels they are based on. Will wants to stream some other games but so far has been busy with Blood Bowl this week.



Ice cream while playing Suburbia.
He likes to eat perfect holes in the middle of the cucumber.
This weeks calcium powder came out looking like a weird pate.


Made a shopping bag dispenser from some wool I received.
And I managed to do it in bed!
Bertie not thrilled.
Lord help me I’m trying the Tomb Raider Level Editor. Do you know how long it’s been since I scripted anything? It’s gonna be painful.


Aside from that there’s not a lot going on, I feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall trying to get the police to agree that criminals should be punished for their crimes and that they shouldn’t be allowed to bother their victims. At the moment it seems like they’ve turned into the Criminals’ Advocacy Service and they’re trying to convince me that being stalked is fine.

This week I was effectively asked, although in more round-the-houses terms, “what do you expect me to do about it?”

My dude, I expect you to arrest, charge, and give a restraining order to my stalker. You’d think this would be straightforward when someone has multiple victims and has even come to my front door before.


It would be nice if he went to prison so he couldn’t come back and start this all over again, not that this time has even ended yet. But at the very least it should be ironclad, on paper, that he must stay the absolute fuck away from me.

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