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Watching a towel dry

I’m waiting for my towel to dry from the wash so I can have a shower, but it keeps raining so that might not happen any time soon.


Freya had her 11th birthday a couple of days ago! Sadly there can be no FreyaFest ’20 because nobody is allowed to come over. We intend to do a little thing by ourselves at some point but none of us have any money at the moment.

But I miss all the music and singing and drinking that usually comes with the annual June barbecue.


I can’t wait until we are allowed to have people over into our private houses. I miss people so much. I know I keep saying that but I really do. And it’s kind of odd for me because I don’t tend to like people being in my space. I married Will because he’s the only person I don’t need a break from (among other reasons lol). In The Sims terms, I would usually get a red social bar if it was too full, but now it’s going red from the sheer lack of anything going on.

I think everything for the foreseeable future will need to be done in our house, or at least in someone else’s closed house. Although pubs might apparently reopen in July, they are apparently one of the worst places you can socialise in terms of contagions and I’m not sure that birthday drinks are worth drowning in my own blood for.

I wouldn’t mind hosting other people’s stuff in my house because it’s better than not seeing them at all. But I just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s weird how much stuff is publicly opening up when we still can’t invite over other people who have been stuck in their houses since March. Multiple friends had birthdays alone, especially 30th birthdays, which sucks balls.

And I won’t start on how nervous I am about Halloween.


I think these are nasturtiums. They’ll hang down the fence eventually.
I always confuse myself about whether these are begonias or geraniums but either way they have flowers now.
Small strawberries.



I got some new springtails for Joop’s tank as the old ones seemed to have vanished and we have a mould problem.

Can’t remember if I wound up writing about the time I had to empty all of Joop’s substrate out of the tank into another box, manually sieve through it all with a scoop to save all the tiny bugs and earthworms, then put a drainage layer and hydrofleece in the tank, put in new substrate, and all the other stuff required, all because some annoying mould/fungus started growing in a damp bit of soil and soon spread everywhere.

The bugs didn’t seem to be getting to it fast enough, and then I found Joop deeply retracted because of it. This scared the hell out of me as it’s usually a sign that a snail is going to die.

It was all going well with the drainage layer making sure areas didn’t stay too damp and cause this sort of thing to happen again. But then we moved house. Some of the soil got bumped down into the drainage layer, it was impossible to remove, and surprise surprise, that same fucking type of mould is back and spreading all over the place. So I got new springtails, who don’t seem to be able to deal with it fast enough, so when I get paid I’m gonna have to do the whole sieving thing to save my bugs all over again. Joop at least seems fine for now.



Tiny tiny curls.
Sudden unwelcome spider.
Couldn’t remember if it ever turned out if the writing in Tomb Raider actually meant anything legible and it lead down a long and confusing path.
Can’t stop drawing shit for a house I don’t even own yet.
You can unlock the SOUL REAVER in TR Legend. Even though there’s not actually a lot of game to go and replay it with. 


I re-did the whole of TR1 the other day and have now started on TR2 again (I know, ridiculous). Which reminds me that I can’t remember if I ever mentioned the Anniversary-style remake of Tomb Raider 2 made by a fan. It looks absolutely fucking amazing. Whichever company has the rights to Tomb Raider at the moment should honestly just support it being finished. We all desperately want something like this to materialise but they seem too busy with reboots and rewrites.



Also came across this the other morning and was sat there crying about it at 4am, then I sent it to my sister so she could cry about it at 5am. Something about it not being the exact original tracks but being so close provides a weirdly intense nostalgia.



I just don’t have the energy to cope with how ignorant and ahistorical people are, just leave my people and country out of your bollocks.




Aside from that I’m thinking about this a lot.


And of course I’ve still had no updates from the police, so the cycle will no doubt repeat. Fuck stalkers.

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