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More capsule wardrobe thoughts

In my last post I mentioned sorting my clothes out into something called a capsule wardrobe, when I’ve lost more weight. I’ve lost half a stone recently, and a few years ago I managed to get back down to a UK size 10, but I make bad food choices especially when I’m stressed. I also have a really low TDEE due to being 4’11” and more sedentary than people usually picture when they say “sedentary.” So I tend to get calorie estimates of about 800-1,000 a day whereas the usual person losing weight can enjoy a whopping 1,800! So weight loss is a long, boring, and frustrating process for me, but I’ve done it before and I can do it again if I stop using tasty food to offset life’s various events.


Anyway, here are some ideas for my eventual capsule wardrobe. It took way too long to cut out everything in Photoshop Elements.


Capsule wardrobe

Obviously I would keep some other clothes like various occasion dresses, jumpsuits, coats, various accessories. Some people factor shoes into their capsule wardrobes but I have more than enough that I’ve accumulated over the years. Only a few of them see regular use but that’s mostly down to the fact that they haven’t been unpacked after various house moves.

The items used for the picture above are almost entirely from Amazon and are:


I chose my colours based on ones that I like. I tried figuring out my “colour season” in the past and it was such a marginal difference when comparing my photo to Winter and  Autumn colours, there seemed to be virtually no difference when put next to “Warm” or “Cool” tones, so I went with Winter colours predominantly as I think they look a bit nicer.

General capsule wardrobe guides state you should find a base colour (usually black or navy) and 1 or 2 accent colours. Well I’ve got 6 colours alongside black because I just want to really.


Some notes I made about capsule wardrobes back in March.
Tidied my pyjama basket the other night.
And also my jumpers.
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