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I’ll definitely stop talking about DNA now

Heritage map GEDmatch


I’m unwell at the moment and can’t sleep at sensible times, so I spent hours on GEDmatch using loads of different tools. Every time I got a hit for an ethnic group, I highlighted (in purple) the modern country they are/were based in. This is the end result.

You might have to open it in a tab to actually see any real detail because it’s pretty illegible. I’m guessing that because so much mixing has occurred in areas like East Europe, the DNA is all pretty close, so I probably didn’t have ancestors in each separate country but just ones that matched the DNA of the general area.

And it turns out I do in fact match a lot of different Russian ethnic groups.

I seem to have minor remaining traces of ancestry across Africa as most humans do, but a surprising amount of it is concentrated in Ethiopia, particularly Ethiopian Jews. And speaking of Jewishness, I got Moroccan Jews, Iraqi Jews, Yemenite Jews, Libyan Jews, Algerian Jews, Tunisian Jews, broadly North African Jews, and even Samaritans coming up in sections of my DNA.

I also matched Druze, Bedouin, Kurds, as well as being generally Levantine (a.k.a. Israeli). Apparently parts of my DNA go all the way back to the Natufians.


This is honestly one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever done. I don’t know why the commercial providers don’t show half as much of this stuff, whereas GEDmatch does it for free, and in so much more depth.

I can’t even make a heritage flag compilation because there aren’t flags encompassing all of these larger regions. I could use the Pan-Slavic flag but there’s not a Pan-West-Asian flag or a Pan-Scandinavian flag (you could use the Kalmar Union flag) or a Pan-North-African flag (that I know of) etc.


It’s definitely easier to still refer to myself as broadly Eurasian or to break it down into the 4 representative groups English, Breton, Mizrahi/Israeli, and Japanese.
I suppose the fullest brief description I can give (if that’s not an oxymoron) is British, Scandinavian, West & Central European, Iberian, Slavic, Baltic, Balkan, Levantine, North African, West Asian, Baloch & South Indian, Central & East Asian, Oceanian, Amerindian & Inuit.

Too long. Eurasian is simpler.


My ancestors must have gone on a really mad journey around the planet.

Well, at least I’m not a space alien. Although that would also be interesting, obviously.

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