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Boil(er)ing point

As always happens at the most inopportune of times, our central heating has packed up. Of course, it’s winter, and it’s really fucking cold. It turns out the problem is with a particular valve, the boiler would apparently fire up for a second when the boiler man held the valve down into a pipe, but it would cut out when he took his hand off. Apparently the valve has just literally worn out and there are burn marks on it.


So while we’re waiting for it to be replaced, we have no heating. Joop’s heat mat can only do so much for him, so he relies on the base temperature of the house being decent enough. The plumber loaned us a small heater but unfortunately it barely produced any heat. Luckily my MIL had one in the garage, it’s small but produces a decent ray of heat.


So, in one room, we have heat of some kind. But those electric heaters are flammable, they need periods to cool down. We can’t just leave it on overnight to keep Joop alive. So, I’ve been doing nightshifts with it, making sure it doesn’t burst into flames, making sure Joop’s temperature is stable, giving it time to cool off. I then go to bed in the morning and sleep a lot of the day, while other people are downstairs with the heater and Joop.


Unfortunately, this isn’t one of my times when I’m really awake in the night. I’m in one of my phases of needing to sleep normally at night. I am so tired and so bored babysitting an electric heater. But hopefully it will all be sorted soon.


Here are some pictures from recent times.


The cats like to loaf on the floor over a warm pipe. They take turns and it’s quite endearing.
Pickle listening for mice.
All 3 cats have been separately exploring behind the flags.
Plants in Joop’s vivarium.


Finally making a start on the Mosslanda shelves.


I’ve got even more to find and unpack somewhere.
A couple more things have gone up there recently.
Joop enjoying broccoli.
Joop climbing all over his plants.


First attempt at learning crochet went hideously.
Working on a granny square with a beautiful wool colour. My squares still look like a knotty mess to me but I guess that will slowly improve with time.
My first ever hideous scarf!
I still can’t help but have big loopy holes sometimes.


I know Snapchat is meant to be temporary but sometimes it’s so handy having a caption already in the image.


I experimented with making cat collars a little while ago! They all fell off a couple of days later because they all had the same weak point, not actually the knitting, but the part where I had to sew an end into the stitches. The cats grind their heads and necks on things as they walk around, and so they all rubbed the collars off. Pickle’s actually lasted quite a few days though!
Bertie looks good in orange.
Beautiful Charlie and his everlasting eye gunk.


Very frosty.


Bertie gonna Bert.
Finally started on one of those windchimes made from old pet tags. It’ll get filled up more over the years when we have more animals that go through tags. There are loads of examples of full ones on Pinterest.
I also made this hideous pair of earrings.
I love him.
I went a bit mad with the Facebook hobbies section. Apparently you should only list 8-10, although that’s on a CV I suppose.


I hate that these bottles are so fucking difficult to squeeze.
He’s got such beautiful eyes.
Only downside is it can list a YouTube uploader as the author of the song.
Katy wants to introduce him to the garden on a harness before they start going out full time. As they’ve been outdoor cats their whole lives there’s probably little point in introducing cat fencing so late.
Happy Chinese New Year y’all.
And I had to wear my glasses for a little while because I managed to make my eyes sore and puffed up in the shower.



Although Yom HaShoah is not until April in Israel, there is internationally a Holocaust Memorial Day observed to coincide with the liberation of Auschwitz.

I can only ask that people try to learn something because there is only so much that words can do.

More4 showed this programme. Part 2 should be on at 9pm but will otherwise be available at the same link. Even I didn’t know that Nazis in some places banned Jews from owning pets, just to induce that extra bit of misery.


This on Netflix is old and I’ve recommended it before but again, there are some things you won’t believe unless you take the time to see them. It’s the right day for it.


And this playlist is about the sheer dangers that still exist in the modern day. It’s indescribable. The episode about the UK has been conspicuously deleted but the rest are still there and they are terrifying.


Most Holocaust remembrance concerns the events in Europe, but there were also atrocities for Mizrahi and Sephardi Jews in North Africa and West Asia. Including camps. Amin al-Husseini, a Muslim leader during the British occupation of Israel, met with Hitler and Himmler, visited Nazi-occupied Europe, asked for support to stop more Jews returning to Israel (over 500,000 Muslims moved there during the Mandate), and established a Muslim SS division.

Don’t forget how far reaching this was and don’t forget how easy it would be to start it all over again.

And because documentaries rarely point this out: Jews are not in charge of your finances. The only reason Jews ever ended up in banking is because we were literally forced to be, as Christians and Muslims alike considered it unpure work, and Jews were banned from most other professions until surprisingly recently. And we only left Israel in the first place because we were trafficked as slaves around the world. We are indigenous to Israel in West Asia.
Canaanite peoples
Jews (Yehudim): along with Samaritans, belong to the Israelite nation of the southern Levant, who are believed by archaeologists and historians to have branched out of the Canaanite peoples and culture through the development of a distinct monolatrous—and later monotheistic—religion centered on El/Yahweh,[6][7][8] one of the Ancient Canaanite deities. Following the Roman colonial occupation, destruction of Herod’s Temple, and failed Jewish revolts, most Jews were either expelled, taken as slaves to Rome, or massacred,[9] although a small number of Jews managed to remain over the centuries despite persecution by the various conquerors of the region, including the Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, and the British. Additionally, a substantial number of Jews returned from diaspora during the 19th and 20th centuries (mainly under the Zionist movement), as well as after the modern State of Israel was established in 1948. This was coupled with the revival of Hebrew, the only Canaanite language still spoken today. DNA studies show that all major diaspora Jewish communities, with the exception of Ethiopian and Yemenite Jews, derive the majority of their ancestry from ancient Israelites.[10][11][12][13] Samaritans (Samerim): of Samaria. An ethno-religious group of the Levant, closely related genetically and culturally to the Jewish diaspora and are understood to have branched off from the latter around the time of the Assyrian exile. The Samaritans are adherents of Samaritanism, an Abrahamic religion closely related to Judaism. Their sole norm of religious observance is the Samaritan Pentateuch.[14][15]”

We also don’t go around calling ourselves “God’s chosen people.” But on that subject, he is our God, so obviously he likes us. El is the deity of the land of Israel. It’s weird that people act like Jews hoard him. Are Hindus hoarding Vishnu, or do people realise that deities belong to specific people and places in other cases? Why is it only our deity who has to be spread equally among everybody? Everyone’s critical thinking goes out the window when it comes to Jews.



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