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Christmas catch-up

This month has been very busy and exhausting. We’ve also all been a bit ill in a different way. I had a fever and some mad confusion, Will got a sore throat, my sister-in-law was sick and it looks like my mother-in-law might have got C. diff from work! So really not a smooth time at all.

At the beginning of the month we went shopping for a real Christmas tree, which I’d never had before so that was fun. I like how it looks although I must say it’s harder to stop ornaments falling right off the tree because the branches aren’t stiff!

I loved this statue but it was 1,000 entire pounds.
Real pineapple plants! I would have bought one because Kadek and me were very unsuccessful at growing them, but they were expensive.
Loved these also but they were definitely not £3.99
Many colourful shopping bags.
An actual tree!



I went with my MIL on a trip to Ikea to pick up things we’ve needed for ages, mainly Mosslanda ledges so my figurines have somewhere to be unpacked to, and cupboard shelves etc. Unfortunately the car broke down on the way home and we had to be recovered in a lorry!

Spotted the perfect colour scheme for my future living room.
Went through loads of effort tidying the shelf I could reach and unfortunately the bloody doors don’t shut! The legs of stick out further than the shelf measurements, they also block the hinge mechanism. We could take one out and centre the other two so that the hinges work, doors would still be slightly ajar in the centre though, annoying.

The car unfortunately had problems for ages and each fix was only temporary, so we’re thinking of buying a new car altogether that Will’s mum will drive and at some point we’ll learn to drive too (if the DVLA ever remembers that they already knew I had POTS and it’s not a new thing that needs investigating). We really just need any old estate car with 5 seats and a boot long enough for a folded wheelchair and two dogs. Something like a V70 I guess. Of course it depends on what we can find 2nd-hand and make monthly payments on.

Christmas has been really nice, my husband bought me some amazing nacho pyjamas and my MIL bought me some yarn and needles so I’ve finally started knitting! For the first couple of days I just could not get it at all. Turned out I was hideously confused by the wording in YouTube tutorials and I was constantly picking up the previous row of stitches and making a horrible knotty mess.


My Christmas top (excuse my grump but I was woken up at 4am by a spamming of Christmas gifs in the house chat! Also excuse my month-old birthday flowers that are a bit dead.)


Absolutely love these sheets.


The star of Bethlehem above its modern flag.


And after I did figure it out, it still wasn’t plain sailing as I somehow wound up doubling the number of stitches on the needle and making some sort of angled flag. Where did I even get these other stitches from??

Currently started on part of a scarf, did a lot of it while watching movies with my sister and sister-in-law, however, you can tell where I started drinking because I somehow knitted a hole right in the middle, and I also have a stray loop on one side. I guess I’ll try and sew it back in somehow?



I have yet another new addition to my chaotic keys, courtesy of my sister. It’s a seahorse and I put it on my RADAR key, because seahorses live in water and bathrooms have water I guess? I really need to go back to using keyrings as zipper pulls and other accessories because my keys are, once again, ridiculous. Even my Eurovision 2019 ones are in use elsewhere to reduce key clutter, despite how much I love them. If a nice Baby Yoda one comes out though I may also need to put that on my main keys!

I’m not the most dexterous person so I’m still finding it tricky, and at night I was literally kept awake by the pain in my wrist joint, so, I probably have to slow down even more. But I’m glad that I have at least started knitting.


It will be nice to have big family New Years Eve and hopefully I will start to recover from whatever the hell is actually wrong with me. I’m going through a really bad period of fatigue at the moment, migraining has actually not been as bad, but I feel like I’m in a constant postdrome because I can barely keep my eyes open most of the time. I’m just in bed so much. And I’m in bed a lot already, so it’s ridiculous.

And that’s why I’m blogging at 5am because if I keep waiting for a daytime slot to do it in, it will never happen.

AND I have ear infections in both ears right now. Annoying.


8th night.


Bertie in my seat.
Love bed.


Neighbourhood lights.


My hair is growing back quite a lot. 
Will’s work Christmas lunch.


Merry Christmas!
Weird short curl.


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