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I’d love to run a zoo

Believe it or not, my floorplanning obsession did not actually start with houses. While I have always wanted to build my own house, and I was stupidly small when I started scribbling designs, my first floorplan was actually a zoo! I did it on the back of a spare roll of lino and it was gigantic. And I really didn’t know the first thing about what I was doing.

I’m a very animal-oriented person and I’ve always loved the zoo, so for a while when I was small and had even less grasp on how things work than I do now, I thought I’d be able to build one. I definitely wouldn’t say no to that if the opportunity actually presented itself, but making a fake zoo is much easier.


When I was playing Jurassic World, I said to Will, “They need a version of this with normal zoo animals.” When we first saw Planet Zoo being advertised, we decided we’d get it for my birthday as it came out around then anyway. Well, Will kind of forgot about that and bought it early!


I’d have this gorgeous floor in my house frankly.
That fucking view.
One of my favourite animals, the Okapi.
Giant Land snails, the same kind as Joop! The temperature and humidity requirements they have in-game are incorrect though, so I don’t advise copying the game’s info for real animals.
An educational board about ozone repair.
More beauties. I’d love to give Joop an enclosure this big if I had hella money and hella house. Must be hard to heat though.


I also love the Bongo!


A babe!
The lion habitat is perhaps toooooo deep.


They like to avoid snow.
I wish there were some breeds of domestic cat this big because it would be so amazing having them in your house.
Unleashing many animals.
I made a river because some of the animals in this habitat love swimming, this one may have been a bit much though.


My poor ill Ostrich.


A brave zookeeper begins the multi-year walk to the food troughs at the other end of the enclosure.


I was very stubborn and insisted on building a sandbox zoo straight away instead of going through the tutorial levels. Unfortunately I’m at the point where putting a gate on my latest enclosure instantly crashes the game, so I guess I’ve overdone it! I’m now retroactively going through the tutorials so I can get some inspiration before I try doing another zoo again.


I recommend it.


I have cried actual tears at the sights in this game.

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