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A bungalow concept

Based on the recent houseplan and scrapbooking project, a bungalow variant.

It’s all on one floor, has one bedroom and a small guest/child room. Only 2 reception rooms instead of the 3rd gaming room, and no integrated garage or shed.



So obviously, this house comes with the idea of having no children or only having one, and not having family live with us like we do now. Otherwise we’d still need another floor with 5 bedrooms on it. The 2nd bedroom (which I’m worried is too small) could be a guest room until we have a baby, if we decide to do that. Hosting is a big part of our lives though, but I guess people could stay in either reception room.


I’m just genuinely in two minds about having children with Will, and whether we’ll have more than one if we do. It’s a painful area for me, I literally didn’t go to a friend’s baby shower this year because I just would have cried the whole time. I said I couldn’t get a lift down there, which did happen to be true, but honestly, I could never have gone. Another friend of mine had a baby last year, and obviously put a picture up on Facebook afterwards, I saw it unexpectedly and was just instantly in floods of tears. So, how the hell am I going to have a baby with Will if I can’t hear about anyone’s babies without losing my shit.

On the other hand, I do want the white picket fence out of life. I’d love to have adult children and have everyone at home during traditional celebrations and whatnot. I want the nice family atmosphere. There’s a reason I’ve got the “Family Oriented” icon from The Sims 3 in the sidebar. I’m just not sure I can deal with everything in between. I wish I just knew what I was meant to do in life.

We are quite pet-focused people so having only one or no children would leave us with a lot more time and money to do things with dogs, cats, and snails. I JUST DON’T KNOW.


What is the fucking deal with the sloping walls that appear when you have shorter walls on the plan.
It’s a shame floorplanner doesn’t allow you to add white skirting boards, ceiling cornicing, and dado rails (which I’d have all the sockets and light switches in at a medium height on the wall) to really finish it off and make it look like a house.


Will vetoed the cast iron radiator idea from my scrapbook as apparently they get really hot, so I don’t mind having normal ones with nice oak covers. Creates extra shelving anyway.


The snug and gaming room are now one room, not sure how we’d marry the two different styles we wanted for them.
I’m getting Will a small folding pool table for our 1st wedding anniversary (I might unveil it at the party if there are enough people over who’d enjoy it), so I factor pool tables into house designs.


Why the fuck is the grass black and what is that wall.

We want the game room to have old-timey decor like the Resident Evil mansion, as demonstrated in this rather perfect image I saw on Reddit.



FYI the arches around the house would look like these in the images below (bottom left and centre especially), they wouldn’t just be big white blobs.




Also came up with a concept for a one-person house. Basically someone who wants to live alone with their pets. They could feasibly have guests stay in the large living room, but there’s not a separate bedroom for it.


Because one side is completely windowless, the unit could have another one mirrored and placed against it. There could also be two on top of that which have balconies instead of gardens, although there needs to be some sort of indoor corridor between them so there could be a lift and stairs to the upper flats.

I’m probably not gonna be in a position to build apartments any time soon though. I just like to work through ideas.


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