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Our allies

Our allies, the Kurds, are in a bad spot right now, having been left to die against the Turkish by America’s bizarre president. I hope Israel will do something but I’m not sure what we can do. Israel can’t even mention the Armenian genocide without risking war with Turkey. A physical intervention would not go down well, but it’s almost certainly a matter of life and death.


The Kurdish are our allies and we need to protect them. Many Kurds are Jews and a lot of them now live with the majority of the world’s Jews, in Israel. The Kurds have suffered a lot and they have often said that Israel is an inspiration to them.



Much like Israel, the Kurdish were promised their own lands in the 1920s. But much like Muslims took 80% of the Jewish land and formed Jordan (and now want what’s left of Israel, calling Judea itself the “west bank” and riling up ignorant Europeans about it), the Kurdish land got totally carved up by the newly accepted borders of Turkey. So, they understand us and we understand them.


I know that the worry of someone thousands of miles away will not protect anybody from a bullet, but I hope that things will be OK.


Turkey deflects from their hatred of the Kurds by talking about Kurdish terrorist groups. As with every ethnicity, yes, there are terror groups. But unlike with the “Palestinians,” wiping another race off the planet is not the point of the Kurdish identity. Most Kurds have been working hard to fight “ISIS” and we owe them a lot.


People reject the idea of finally giving Kurdistan sovereignty because they hate ethnostates. This is extremely naive; most countries are ethnostates. Poland, ethnostate of the Poles, 96.7% homogeneous. Japan, extremely homogeneous, 98.1% ethnic Japanese. Czech Republic, full of Czechs. Slovakia, full of Slovaks. Was formally Czechoslovakia, but there were significant ethnic differences between Czechs and Slovaks. Yugoslavia was a complete clusterfuck and it’s now divided into Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo (which split from Serbia for reasons of ethnicity), Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

Ireland, ethnostate. Albania, ethnostate. Finland, ethnostate of the Finns, even with significant minorities. Liberia, a nation created in Africa for black Americans, actually displaced indigenous Africans during its founding. Only black people can become citizens.
Even the United Kingdom is divided along the ethnic lines of England, Wales, and Scotland. We don’t all like meshing together and we insist on being surrounded by a majority of our own people speaking our own languages and accents, with our own cultures and traditions, while still maintaining some sense of unity with each other.

This is just how humans work. Doesn’t mean races can’t mix (I literally wouldn’t exist), doesn’t mean people can’t emigrate (again, I wouldn’t exist). Doesn’t mean it has to be absolutely mandatory for people to live in the place that matches their ancestors’ ethnicity (literally impossible for me to do unless I split myself into multiple pieces).

But all humans NEED a place where they are the majority. All humans need a land for their people. There needs to be a significant majority of one ethnicity in each given place. It’s the only reason the Jews are still here and it’ll be the only thing that saves the Kurds.

People can’t seem to accept this and think that humans will all learn to tolerate each other if we just dig deep enough. It’s not going to happen. If you want world peace, each ethnicity having a land they can go to is the only way you’re going to get it. Kurds need Kurdistan.

Most people are lucky enough to live in an ethnostate without even realising it, they live in a society that supports and nourishes them and maintains their culture and language, they have an army that will go to war to defend those things, and yet they refuse to let the Kurds have those same experiences and are trying to strip them from Israel.




And don’t forget Cyprus.








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