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Recently I’ve felt like there’s not enough space in my head. When my injections wear off I end up with constant background migraines which cause a lot of head burning, and an intense swelling feeling, along with nausea and visual disturbances, even if I’m not crying and vomiting like I would be during a main migraine. It puts me on a different schedule to the rest of the house as I sleep in weird batches and sometimes need to sit up at stupid hours to relieve the feeling of pressure.

Thankfully, I got my Botox injections again yesterday, so in a few days I will hopefully start to feel good again. They can take a week or two to kick in but we’ll see.

The waiting wasn’t so bad at my last few appointments, but yesterday we were sitting around from 2pm to nearly 5pm and it was boring as fuck.


And, I had a bit of bleeding! I usually bleed from my forehead a little bit, but when I got back to the waiting area, Will pointed out that I was bleeding down my neck. I couldn’t see it so he took a picture and, lordy. I guess the needle went through a capillary.

You can see some of the marks where they gave me a needling in my upper back as well.


I am currently enjoying the Halloween mood although there’s also a bit of stress about organising our anniversary dinner as well as having a party. In previous years I’ve wanted to marathon as many movies as possible in 12 hours, but I’m perpetually tired at the moment so I might just watch a few and see what else happens. I might lie down a lot. I’ve gotta mark Halloween in some way but I might lie down.


Charlie has mixed feelings about spooky fake cat.

Hopefully we’ll actually have the cats out in the daytime at Halloween, they’re still quite unsure about Freya so maybe if we put the baby gate across the snug doorway they can walk around on the sofas while we watch movies.

The beautiful wreath. We got it years ago at John Lewis and I’m worried that one day it will fall apart and I won’t find another anywhere near as good.
Cute felt ghosts in the window. I think I have to retire the glowing eye window clings after this year because they are going a bit goopy and weird.
Everything is so gorgeous.
Abby Russell’s Six Crazy Frights gives me life every year. Will calls her “American Letti!”
I love this old sideboard belonging to Will’s mum.
Dogs are eternally unsure about stairlifts.
Joop is still weird.

I’m having a bit of a problem trying to balance things for both Jupiter and the woodlice; instead of throwing his old uneaten food out, I started putting it in the soil so the woodlice can enjoy it. Unfortunately, they don’t finish it fast enough so I’ve started getting patches of mould, which could make Joop ill. More woodlice and some springtails may help with this though.

Not helping the situation is that Joop loves to burrow underneath his water pool and tip it over, thus soaking the soil and causing more of a mould problem.


The woodlice.
Hello tiny scurrying babe!


I’ve started reading Frankenstein and unfortunately I’m not enjoying it so far. There are so many films based on the monster and I really thought it was time to get my ass into gear and read the book, but, it kind of sucks.

Firstly, literally half of the physical book is an introduction that goes on about the author’s life. I was beginning to wonder if I’d accidentally bought a companion to the book, because it goes on for sooooooooo longggggggggg. And at this moment in time I give no shits, I haven’t read the work so I’m not sure if I’m interested to learn more about the author as a person. I definitely don’t want to do it in advance of reading the dang story.

So I skipped a bunch of stuff to get to the actual story. I didn’t get very far in before I needed a break because every other word is like four syllables long and it should not be such a chore to read a book. I hope that it picks up and I start to enjoy it, because I WANT to like it, and I love the cover on this version, it’s just a bit blah so far.


I’m also getting excited for Christmas, but it’s too early.

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