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House warmed!

We finally had our housewarming! And it was also Will’s birthday party, because his birthday was that week, and it was the only time Ben could come down for ages, so we kind of had to scoop everything into one day.

I must confess to not having unpacked and organised everything I wanted to, in the end I wound up stuffing some things in a cupboard! I’ll still have to deal with them though, they can’t stay like that, it just wasn’t going to happen before everyone visited.

Guest room posters. Some of them are severely damaged because I moved in with a certain boy who folds posters when he packs them.
This wedding present finally has a place up on the wall.
A beautiful dog next to a beautiful rug.
Our bedroom has turned out really nicely if I do say so myself. Still a bit of work to do but everything’s fine.
And I found my purple cat slippers!
 I love our little ensuite. And our ornamental toilet brush with floating flamingos in it!
Ben and Will having a game before the start time.
Speaker and light bulb system.
A citronella candle I made years ago.
The bat box.
This tasted a bit like cola bottle sweets.
Ozzy under a table by the day’s early guests.


Halloumi skewer.
That certainly is a road name.
An orange light at the back of the house that is not too helpful for actually seeing stuff, but also better than complete darkness.
My burger.

Apologies for this video being vertical, it was originally taken with Snapchat.

This was Ben and Jez having a “lizard fight.” It might be something that Ben made up entirely. But it involved putting belts round their faces, something that seems ill-advised at the best of times, and then, pulling each other in different directions? I think you lose if you end up on your back, but I’m not sure how else you’d end up if you’re pulling someone towards you. It’s mad anyway.


Everything went fine, the only slight hitch was that Will is very stubborn when drunk (though he’d say the same thing about me), and so he insisted on having 12 people play a game on the table in the dark, instead of moving everything slightly over, under the gazebo, where there was a light bulb. I also drank wayyyyyy too much and felt bad enough the next day that I think I should not drink for a while! I’m mainly a social drinker anyway and wouldn’t sit having a drink at home unless something particular was happening, but I think I need to ease up on the alcohol when we next do a social thing.


And I’ve realised that before we know it, it will be Halloween, and our wedding anniversary. And then it will be CHRISTMAS again?!

My sister already booked a weekend off for our Halloween party, because her boss is a dickhead and she has to request things super early, but the problem is there’s no guarantee we’ll actually be able to hold it on the day she’s booked off. We live with other people now and it might not work for them.

We’re also thinking of going back down to the restaurant with a few close people for the actual wedding anniversary. Gonna eat those nachos.


In the mean time I wonder if the family is prepared for the fact I put Halloween decorations up on October 1st and Christmas decorations up on December 1st.

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