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The joy of washing your carpet

As everyone probably knows, my dog is old. She turns ten in June and we’re having the usual barbecue about it. I got a net of lights to hang from the gazebo and it’s gonna be magical.

Anyway, Freya has been showing her age in various ways in the past few years. For one, she started getting cloudy irises two or three years ago. You can really see it from some angles when she looks up at you. The vet says she can still see well enough but obviously, it’s an age-related change that causes worry.


Last week when Will’s family were here, Ozzy wouldn’t go on his bed one morning. We couldn’t figure out why, until Will’s brother stepped in the answer later on; Freya had peed on it.

We figured it happened when most of us were asleep and Will took too long getting up to let her outside. We thought it was weird but figured it only happened because she had waited unusually long to go out.

Fast-forward to Wednesday morning. Freya asked me for her breakfast first instead of asking to go out. So I fed her. I made my way into the lounge and, somehow, she had beat me there, and immediately peed on the carpet by the backdoor. She had literally just done it, because I watched the liquid sink down into the carpet. You could have gotten whiplash from how fast it happened. I expressed surprise but didn’t tell her off, I let her out and she acted very sheepish for the rest of the day.

I messaged Will about it and we concluded she just has a weak bladder now as a result of being old. The incident finally convinced Will to rent a Rug Doctor from The Range. I wanted to do that before, after Will was on his stag weekend and I managed to spill a chow mein on the carpet when I was home alone.

The big machine.
Complicated stuff.


So we did the Rug-Doctoring that evening. It was quite fun. There is an annoying dark bit on the carpet now where we apparently didn’t suck the shampoo back up properly, but it’s not the worst thing ever.

I did want to use the hand tool to spruce-up our sofas, but the machine was off-puttingly loud, and I can do it with my little steam cleaner at some point anyway.


Bedroom starting to take shape.
A beauty.

Here’s some more pictures of Joop doing snail stuff.


Despite being in a big bowl of water, he decided to start drinking drops of water off the thermometer probe. Then he tried climbing it.
What are you even doing.


There was a fair bit of discussion of what we want the big group house to look like when we were going around Ikea last week, so I decided to come up with a mood board for my ideas. It’s pretty much the same as my decor ideas for a house that I own, but with more focus on the accessories because I probably can’t paint any walls.

Family house decor moodboard-page-0

I couldn’t find an online picture of the beautiful lampshade I fell in love with at The Range last week, but I did include a pleasing one we saw at Ikea.

I’ve included a bed just because I’ve already checked out potential beds for our next one, because I kind of, broke our bed at some point last year.

I can’t remember if I told this story before but basically I was doing an impression of The Sims.

On the PS2 version of The Sims 2: Pets, when Sims got into bed they would throw the covers up and jump in while shouting DO-BE-DO! I have found it hilarious for literally years.

So Will and me were about to get into bed, and I said, “Look Will, I’m doing the Sims!” and then leapt as much as I could while shouting DO-BE-DO!

It’s almost as if time slowed down while Will was like “Letti nooooooooooooo!”

So yeah I hit the bed so hard that I snapped a slat. It wasn’t a big deal at first, but before long you just couldn’t move around on the bed much at all without other slats flying out of place and making the mattress sink down.

It’s been like that for ages now, and getting steadily worse. Kind of annoying in the middle of sex to have the mattress thunder downwards by about ten inches. So yeah, I’ve looked at new bed options, and I think this one is quite nice.


Got a lot of gardening and seed-planting to do at the weekend. Not a lot else going on because I’ve had a couple of migraines and postdromes have been making me sleep through the day.

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