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Nothing has really happened since the weekend but I finally gave Joop his new pool. It’s just a plant pot saucer from The Range on Friday (it might have been about 59p but I can’t remember exactly), but it’s huge so should definitely accommodate his adult body. Although I’ve said that about a few things before now and then it became obvious he was going to outgrow them.

We’ll celebrate his birthday on July 1st, because that’s the day he came to us, although he had obviously been born for a little while by then. I still remember when he fit on the end of my finger!



He can definitely climb out easily.


Having some grapes and lettuce last night.


He done a poop on the tip of the cuttlefish.



Not sure if we’ll get one of those £1 inflatable pools from the supermarket for the dog to jump in at the BBQ like we did a couple of years ago.



I don’t have any news so I may as well mention that we’re leaving soon. I’m not sure exactly when because it depends on when other people are free to do it.

Some of Will’s family are going to move into a big family house with us at some point so we can all save hella money and also so one of them can get to Sparsholt. When we’ve saved enough money we’re going to build or buy a house. Which might still be a big group house, because we like being around each other and sharing pets. It’ll be kind of like Friends, but a bunch of us will be related and there’ll be more cats. I’d like to have Kadek in there somewhere but that might be too many moving parts to wrangle.

We were going to stay in Andover because we didn’t want Will to commute again, but we might just go back to Southampton, we need to get a car anyway.

So yeah, we’re having the annual barbecue and then pretty much upping and going whenever everything lines up.


I should be back on medication tonight though. I haven’t had it for a while because we haven’t had time to collect it, but Will is going to try getting a lift to the pharmacy later.  It’s been hard but I’m trying to keep to myself.


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