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!חג הפסחא שמח ופסח

I’ve had quite a busy week!

Will’s family came up on Wednesday night, and on Thursday we went to Ikea to finally use the vouchers we got as a wedding present.

We got mostly storage things but I also had fun looking around the shop.

This weird fake staircase gave me a kind of “uncanny valley” feeling.
This sofa bed was expensive but I enjoy its name, Flottebo.
I love that emerald green walls are catching on for kitchens because we’ve literally got this in our house plan.
My husband and many items of furniture.
Hoping the tall things wouldn’t fly forward.

On Saturday we went to The Range before Kadek was due to come up, and I had fun in there too.

I was absolutely in love with this lampshade and all the jewel-tones on it.
But it was a bit expensive for an impulse buy. I intend to come back for it one day though.
I thought this was hideous. But I suppose there are people out there who like it.
I’m not sure how a photo of a cat looking grumpy got branded to this extent.

One of the best purchases from the day was undoubtedly a flyscreen with a teal pattern on it! I can’t find it on The Range website but they’re about £1 in there at the moment and I found them in a display box in the section with all the frames and mirrors.

Katy and Gaye put it up for us.
I thought I might have to clicker train the dogs to go through it with a bit of kibble but they got the hang of it really quickly!

A magnetic flyscreen is one of those things we’ve intended to get for years, but we never saw a particularly amazing one that made it worth buying one at any particular point. It was always a “one day we’ll get one of those” sort of thing. Well I’m glad we finally found this beautiful one. It’s very freeing having the door open and not having to have the curtain across or worry about bugs coming in.

I thought this was a good photo of some pineapple string lights. I realise now that it is not.
Shabbat on Passover.


I also thought this was a good photo at the time, I just don’t know what I was thinking.
The moon through the front door.
The freedom of an open door early in the morning.
It makes the garden feel so much nicer as well.
I’m glad Snapchat did Passover frames, although this one uses Hebrew letters made to look like English, and it’s a pet peeve of mine when that happens to alphabets, especially Cyrillic.
The yearly viewing.

Jodi brought Wagamamas food over and we watched The Prince of Egypt.


Here are two scenes that make me cry (as if I don’t cry for the whole film anyway lol):



Yoheved, Moses’ mother, was voiced by Ofra Haza in multiple languages. Something that makes me cry buckets is her performance of Jerusalem of Gold for Israel’s 50th Independence Day.

Going by the Hebrew calendar means that the date of Yom Ha’Atzmaut changes every year. Israel’s re-founding occurred on 14th May 1948 in the Gregorian calendar. This was 5th Iyar 5708 in Hebrew.

5th Iyar this year will fall on 9th May, but last year it was 19th April. This year it will be 71 years since Israel’s re-founding.


Ofra Haza died in February 2000 of AIDS-related pneumonia. There is speculation that she became HIV-positive through her husband because of something he did. Her husband’s stance was that she contracted HIV through a blood transfusion in hospital after a miscarriage. Only God knows now.

Her voice was so unique and beautiful, and I know it’s weird to hurt over someone you never knew personally being dead, but I do anyway. I wish she could have been at Eurovision this year. I might try to visit her grave at Yarkon cemetery.




Jodi brought this pineapple Easter egg! It’s amazing but I feel guilty because I totally forgot about getting other people eggs this year. I got one each for Will and me when they first became available on the Asda website, put them away and then totally forgot. But then other people gave us lovely eggs and I’m like . . . oh shit.
This egg looks amazing! Thankfully it’s Will’s though because I hate dark chocolate.
Unforunately the pineapple pendant fell off my necklace but I can probably fix it.
My beloved flag poster is now in a frame, which was a pain in the ass to assemble while I was drunk and Kadek had fallen asleep.


Hot hot.
I’m so excited for outdoor things.
Sadly my label maker did not enjoy functioning properly for this. I also couldn’t find a good tape colour. If you have yet to let the joy of a label maker into your life, I recommend the one I’ve got.
I absolutely love this Komplement hanger, I definitely have more shawls and scarves to wrangle into it.


Noticed my horrendous typo only afterwards.

Here’s some spam of my pets and other animal friends:

I love Ozzy.
How was he even doing this.


Such a long babe.
He fell over with some cuttlefish.


Stop these dangerous ceiling antics.


A beautiful Testudine.
Will was explaining a game with a “demon gorilla that flings poo” and for some reason I got the notification multiple times on each platform until I went mad.
I accidentally managed to grip my own cornea and today my eye hurts.
It’s hot as balls at the moment if I haven’t already mentioned that.


I’m absolutely zonked after doing so much and seeing so many people. Happy Easter and Passover everyone!




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