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My new laptop

As readers most likely know, my beloved laptop Anat has sadly become unusable. I also discovered from going through very old posts that I was wrong about when I got her; I’ve actually had her since 2013, not 2014! Six years is a hell of a long time for a laptop to keep going, she served me well. I actually have to try to power her up again so that I can get some client files because the charity cloud hadn’t actually synced the latest documents (safe mode and all that, I imagine).


So I am typing this from my new laptop, Melusine. She’s a Lincplus P1 and she cost more than half my income this month! But, I have a working computer I can do normal computery things with, such as printing forms and playing audio. I can also troubleshoot my problems and open various documents and things without getting a “This file is not accessible by the system” message.

I forgot how fast computers could actually respond when you click things! It’s certainly nice to have a very functional machine. We installed a Solid State Drive for additional storage, although some programmes have been very crappy about letting me choose or move their install location.

But yeah, so far I can say, if you need a cheap new computer, the Lincplus is not a bad way to go, it’s currently only sold from Amazon at the above-linked page though.


I love the big keys, in fact I’m not sure how I ever typed on smaller ones. I don’t have Cyrillic and Hebrew stickers on there yet. 
My background is currently images of national parks that change every minute or so.
Sorry I saved a Snapchat again.
Made a few layout goofs but it’s quite hard to gauge how they’ll go, they’re all on a big white background before you peel them off.
Added some cockatoos and pineapples from old Paperchase stickers. The scale of the UK and Israel next to each other is WAY off though!
The real scale is more like this.


It’s hard to find colourful laptops, these days. They were a brief trend for a while when I was younger, you could get bright green ones and shit.

When I moved in with Will and my illness set in, and lifting things a lot was a bad idea, I got a tiny red netbook named Sekhmet (after the red spaceship of the same name in Jet Force Gemini on the N64).

Sekhmet was only 11 inches wide, and by far the most lightweight computer I’d ever had. When she started to stop working (in only a couple of years, sadly), I bought 13-inch Anat (named after the Jewish Goddess). Anat was even lighter than Sekhmet, despite being bigger. She was also silver, because coloured laptops were getting harder to find, and she was the best laptop for me that wasn’t going to be hugely expensive.


When searching for the laptop that is now my current one, I again searched for coloured ones, but, unfortunately, there just aren’t any around. When you can find a nice purple machine, it tends to have a ridiculous markup in price even though the specs aren’t that good. So, much like Anat, Melusine is silver in colour, although, the keyboard and area around the screen are black, and that’s quite fun. I’ve seen some reviewers say that the lettering on the keys glows in the dark; I’ve yet to see that yet but if it’s true, it’s really cool.


So, say hi to Melusine. She’s the reason I have no money right now but I love her anyway.

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