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3rd molars are bullshit; change my mind

Frankly I think this weekend wanted to see how far it could push us before we shot ourselves.
I had the yearly painful anniversary of something that I gave myself the day to cry about and lose my mind over.
I woke up from a nap on Thursday afternoon with ridiculous pain in the right side of my mouth, it felt like a tooth had grown into my cheek.
A pipe is leaking in our kitchen.
We are haemorrhaging money from multiple issues, including having to go all the way to Basingstoke on a Sunday for the emergency dentist, get a taxi there and back, and have a dogsitter here for hours. While we were out, Freya managed to pull out a box from the Ikea Expedit unit in the dining room. It’s the box I keep snail stuff in (I haven’t bought a proper table/shelf combo for him yet). She pulled out that box, grabbed a pack of snail protein powder, ate some, and spat a bunch in her water bowl. The snail protein is basically a lot of ground-up bugs. The packet that she ran off with was the “Tutti-Fruity” flavour, so our dogsitter had to text the words “Tutti-Fruity snail mix” to us. She also pulled the door tug off the back door, threw it near the front door. We’re pretty sure she’s put something in our bed as well, because of the way she’s acting and going up and down stairs. So bedtime will probably be fun.


I’m definitely going to have to buy a new laptop when I get paid; it crashes in safe mode, and I have to leave it on all the time because it bluescreens before safe mode can boot up. I can’t print or do various normal functions in safe mode, some of which I actually do need to do as part of work for the charity right now. So more than half of my monthly income for April has to go on a new computer, and the rest needs to get the last of the supplies I need for my trip in May. Anything else will be overdraft fees and other debits. I’m only going to be able to get one small birthday present for Kadek instead of the things I was planning on getting from her Amazon wishlist. And I still owe her money for Eurovision tickets and the long-distance taxi we have to get from my house to Luton airport at like 4am.

In times of crisis I find comfort in expressing myself through the medium of Bitmoji.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my friend has just moved bloody miles away, and I know she’ll have a good life there but at the same time it’s sad that she won’t be nearby and we won’t be watching terrible movies on weeknights.


We had to wait for hours when we got to Basingstoke today, so we killed some time at a nearby Nandos. They have a confusing system of giving you a wooden chicken thing for your table that doesn’t actually seem to come up again.


I was eventually seen after 5pm, and it turns out the problem is my wisdom tooth! Will had to have one out not so long ago, and a friend of mine is also waiting to have one out, I guess mine wanted to join in. I was told today that they don’t take them out anymore unless you have two separate instances of infection with the same tooth, which is a shame because I definitely wanted someone to yank it out.


Apparently my current problem is Pericoronitis, a.k.a. a wisdom tooth is rupturing through the gum, and bacteria has gathered under a flappy bit of gum, which has caused a painful infection, which in turn has made stuff swell up around the tooth, which is why it feels like the tooth has gone into the cheek. I’ve been given a prescription for Metronidazole, which Will can pick up for me after a plumber has been tomorrow.


In the meantime, we have to switch our water off for most of the time, which is a pain in the ass for numerous reasons.


A Basingstoke sighting.
Taking them out to dinner last week to try and thank them for everything they did while I was in the hospital.
After a while it gets hard to distinguish which pictures of Joop blobbing about that I have and haven’t uploaded.
She was super interested in a burnt chip on my dinner plate.
My babe.
I love his gorgeous face.
Fish flakes in an eggshell for some gourmet calcium.
I enjoyed this Snap from my Snapchat story a while ago.


Boobs are a genuine pain in the ass in workout clothes.
Unfortunately even Sharpie won’t keep my details on it for more than a few days.
Musings about my as yet unknown tooth problem on Thursday.
I am pleased by this new Hobbies section on Facebook.

Joop is honestly so enchanting.



Rocket attacks have stepped up again, even reaching north beyond Tel Aviv, but from Gaza, not from Lebanon or Syria. Hamas are going to ramp things up now, it’s almost Eurovision, there will be thousands of tourists and they’ll want to bomb as many as possible. Maybe they’ll succeed. I don’t know if they’ll hit me while I’m there, but I’m taking this trip anyway, because terrorists don’t get to dictate whether I can go to an event that’s important to me in a country that’s important to me. I don’t know what will happen, and it’s nerve-wracking, but I’ve got to grasp whatever happiness I can from my life.


30,000 armed men on the border with knives, rocket launchers, hatchets, guns, and firebombs flown on swastika-branded kites, are, a year on, 40,000 men on the border with all the same stuff. If they get into Israel it would be an absolute massacre that would sweep through the country. Hopefully the army will keep shooting anyone who attacks the fence. Because I want to come back in May and write a blog post telling you that Kadek and I were not murdered by one of these men.




4 dogs also died in this attack.
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