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Recent roundup

I finally got Snapchat recently. Way behind everyone else of course. I decided it might be a good place to put lots of spontaneous travel photos without clogging up the internet.
I mainly end up putting whimsical stuff like this on it.



And of course a picture of Will as an egg.

Here are some pictures of recent food.


Pancake day!
Accidentally got Jodi’s hands instead of a good angle of any of the food.


Perhaps the biggest news of recent is that we actually got Eurovision tickets! We’re going to Israel anyway and were expecting to either watch it on the public screens or just watch TV in the room. But now we get to go to the actual stadium!

Snapchatting during the wait.

The contest is already a bit of a clusterfuck this year; Jerusalem already hosted 3 times, but this time, to appease terrorists, it’s in Tel Aviv. Rockets are actually more likely to hit us in Tel Aviv than they are in Jerusalem. And the Tel Aviv stadium is smaller, so they can only sell 4,000 tickets. This is a lot fewer seats than there usually are at Eurovision, and so in order to even break-even, the ticket prices have gone sky-high this year. They will probably still lose money from hosting the contest. I will never understand Israel’s need to shoot itself in the foot in order to please people who want Jews to die. You can’t please them as long as any of us are left.

Other big news is that, because I saw the travel nurse, I finally got a couple of vaccinations that I should have had in childhood (I had weird parents; extremely long story).

Hair that morning consisted of one really long twirl and a big flop everywhere else.


They gave me the tetanus one (presumably the Tetanus, Diptheria, and Polio vaccine) and the MMR! It will probably take a couple of weeks for them to kick in. It’s nice to not feel like so much of a walking disease vector anymore.

I was really tired and sore for a couple of days, the 2nd needle felt like it went really deep into the muscle, and it was really painful afterwards even though the injury was by definition only about 1mm wide all the way down. The first needle just felt like a flu jab and was perfectly fine.

Even though travel advice sites say most visitors to Israel should get the Hepatitis A vaccination, they didn’t give that to me because I’m not a homosexual man. I am worried about it because, aside from past liver problems anyway, I recently gave my liver a real beating. I was recently told I can drink alcohol and take Ibuprofen (not motherfucking paracetamol), but I think I’d get really ill if any liver-targeting infections happened.


In other health news, I recently lifted off my little toenail again. It should be fine soon.

Excuse my extremely dry feet.


Lived my best life by going on a spontaneous trip to Tesco in my pyjamas.
I loved all these towels.
Ozzy love.


A confusing game called Cyclades.
Pictures that represent Lyndon.
Freya managed to sit on the bottom of the lounge curtains and pull them down, so we had to move her bed.


I love it when he eats his calcium!
Clean substrate.
I had a nightmare about him falling and cracking his shell, and when I got to him in the morning he was doing this nonsense.
He can hold cucumber in the air now.
Official Eurovision Let’s Flags.
I finally got a Mia Tui travel bag, and it has this matching purse. I overfilled it of course.
We went on a night out to the pub.


He’s growing so big now!


I think I can only wear this jacket when I know I won’t be stuck in public rain. Will found one of my pins in the front garden, hopefully it’s the only one that came off.
I haven’t seen Yakee Ooh Aah Cantona for a couple of years now (I hope he’s still alive) but this is Yakee The Aristocrat!


And here are a couple of snapchat videos, one of which is just of Will’s snoring.

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