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Houses are therapy

So it turns out I can’t actually go very long without getting bitten by the bug of floorplanning again.


I was recently shown a really nice house for rent on Rightmove, and I thought it was so nice that I was inspired to, once again, do my own adaptation of it. This is definitely not a house we’d be able to build because it would be far too expensive and it would need a bigger plot of land to sit on. Unless there were other couples in most of the other bedrooms and they were all part of a mortgage for this, it just wouldn’t be doable.


5 bed inspo
This is the original plan from Rightmove, which doesn’t actually do the individual rooms justice because you can’t see them.
5 bed downstairs
My version of downstairs, featuring my usual trademark of increased floor space.
5 bed upstairs
My version of upstairs, with an added den area, which fits because bedroom 4 isn’t a dormer.

5 bed downstairs 3D

5 bed upstairs 3D
It seemed to think the bedroom carpet was attached to the hall carpet and so I couldn’t make it a different colour.

5 bed downstairs 3D 2

5 bed upstairs 3D 2
Trademark area where I forgot to put colour.
5 bed downstairs photo 2
I know exactly where I’d put Joop’s tank.
5 bed downstairs photo
I assume that cabinet wouldn’t end up literally put over the window.
5 bed upstairs photo
I love that ottoman.

5 bed upstairs photo 25 bed upstairs photo 3

House colours
Beautiful colours.


Obviously I still love our actual plan, although I do sometimes worry if there’s enough space with that one. I realised the guest space created by an accordion wall, probably would actually have to be a full-time bedroom, especially if we want more than one kid. I dunno. But at least that plan actually seems buildable.


I feel better for having made this although, once again, I don’t know to what end I did it.

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