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My wildest fantasy

There’s a screenshot of a Tumblr post that’s been going around for a few years now. I’m sure you’ve all seen it.


I saw it again recently, and it made me think about my own version. As usual, I have some tweaks.

So, this is my wildest fantasy:


I’m still married to Will and we live in a house we designed ourselves, possibly with some extended family. It has plenty of room to hold all the furniture we’ve collected over the years, as well as to keep animals and host social occasions. We have a walled rear garden that our dogs, cats, and ducks can run safely in.

The house is mostly fine because it is newly built, sometimes things do break but we at least have fun replacing them. Will is happy at his chosen job, he doesn’t get too stressed, and he gets home at a good hour on a weeknight. He sleeps well at night.
I make a decent living as a bit-part actor and extra with some voice-over work. I get to create my own small-budget horror films; I am not a famous person per se but there is a base of people who enjoy my work.
I continue to train dogs in my downtime and to run IADA as a small charity.
My days vary, working periods are done in batches and I will then have a month or two of doing nothing and just managing my life.
Money worries are a distant memory, we always have five figures in our bank accounts and can go weeks without needing to check our money.

I am inevitably still disabled but I live my days fully and do not get too disappointed by days spent stuck in bed or lying down. We can afford a PA who helps me with things like detangling my hair, tidying up when I’m unwell, and driving me to places when I have a migraine.
I’ve shed my weight-related demons, I eat normally and retain a healthy weight for my height without having to think obsessively or develop disordered habits.

We see our friend groups at least once a fortnight, and we enjoy hosting annual events such as the barbecue, Halloween, and the Superbowl. We go camping around once a year with friends and family. We make time for the things we enjoy and we feel satisfied with life. We have time for our other significant relationships without anybody feeling neglected.

If we have a child or children, they are genuinely happy and are given all the experiences they need. They start part-time work at 13 and learn how to put away savings. They have no trauma or suffering.
We are all truly happy and we have no regrets.


Kamea Sefer Raziel
And here’s a Kamea to add some luck.
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