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Two weeks married!

Almost three weeks by the time I’m actually writing this. It’s fun being married. I know not a lot actually changes day to day, but there’s a weird undercurrent of contentment.

As I said before, we love all our presents, but the biggest news is probably that we have a dishwasher! It’s not a cure-all for washing up, as the only things that can go in it are glass (assuming any colour coating isn’t on the outside), dinner plates, saucepans, metal cutlery and so forth. Anything plastic still needs handwashing and it turns out a lot of our kitchen stuff has that.

I’m sorry I haven’t been very active recently, I’m just not very well at the moment. I know you’re thinking, what’s new Letti, you’re a full-time ill person. Yes but, it’s obvious my migraine injections have worn off and it’s not an exaggeration to say I’m suffering right now. I have a constant headache even when it’s not peaking to migraine strength. My sleep has gone to shit and I’m tired of getting up at stupid hours because the pain is too much or I need to vomit. I’m tired of the waves of nausea and the periods of not being able to see properly. My next Botox dose is not until the middle of December though. I don’t exactly relish being jabbed in the head again, but I was certainly complacent about the difference the injections made. I was hoping to see dog clients in November but it’s just not going to happen.

I don’t think I mentioned that I had my finger x-rayed a while ago, due to a possible bone infection remaining from my kitchen knife accident. They just didn’t give us any news for ages, Will had to really push for them to just tell us the bloody result of the x-ray. Will finally got a callback, and they said that, even though the joint is still purple, painful, full of fluid, goes white briefly when you poke it and everything, they just can’t spot an actual infection. So, I’m being referred to a hand orthopedist. I don’t really want to deal with all that but I suppose I should also get answers about the weird angle my fingertip is at.


Anyway, as usual, here are recent things about my life conveyed through photos. I once again apologise for any that have turned themselves the wrong way after I’ve posted.

It’s so beautiful.
The adaptor can spurt a little so I put a ziplock bag over the tap.
The machine itself.
Beautiful clean things.
Got a countertop shelf because we are fast running out of usable surface space. Unfortunately our cupboard space is not very good either! 


I love colour. Also I don’t know why Coco Pops are there.


One of the best presents is undoubtedly this speaker from Ben. Not only can we stop borrowing other people’s speakers for barbecues and parties, it’s in bitchin’ Halloween colours! If people do bring the same kind of speaker round though, we can hook them up to have the same music playing in multiple rooms etc.
Still got this on ❤ 
Made a wedding card display on our noticeboard. I later spotted other cards around the house but it turns out they wouldn’t have fit on the board anyway.
Ring is blue titanium. Not got engagement ring on for reasons mentioned in prior post. Definitely didn’t take this photo while stuck on the toilet or anything.
I forget this is here sometimes. But it’s still really obvious because matching white paint in a rented house sucks balls.
Freya having a snooze under the Halloween table.
My beautiful son.
He’s growing up!
Crossing a wire on the ceiling.
On the bottom right of the smudge is literally a print of his eyeballs.
He’s so goofy.
Madly in love with him though.


That looks uncomfortable but he seems fine.
Chilli mayonnaise.
Watching Insidious, one of my faves.
Sea Life keychain in use as a zip-pull on my non-patchy jacket.
My sister sent me this chocolate.
It says it’s a unicorn. But.
It is clearly a deer mould.
It’s so beautiful outside at this time of year.


I had the irresistible itch to reorganise my keys. I just got a cheap thing.
I forgot to actually put my RADAR key and USB stick on for the photo but stuff can come on and off as needed, and I’d only leave stuff clipped on when I went out if I was likely to use it. E.g. going to someone’s house, don’t need RADAR key. Will is at home? Don’t need to bring the back door key, so on and so forth.
The front door key is identified by the PlayStation keyring from Will’s mum. I have it on its own like this in the house day to day.
Some giant screws I bought with the aim of putting our stag head up. These will probably not work (didn’t realise QUITE how big they were) but they might be useful to have in the toolbox one day I suppose!
Me after I finally got out of bed, after a long day of non-stop feeling like crap.
A chilli and cheese toastie I went a bit overboard with.
I accidentally lifted off part of my toenail, because I folded my foot underneath myself while getting on the sofa. Not sure if that’s a weird scab or the nail coming back. Sorry about my dry feet.
The moon and a street light.
Hosting movie night.
It’s hard to fit my body into photos but basically I’m still living in Halloween.
Beautiful stag drink pourer.


Will made Jambalaya for movie night.
I love the colour in the glass, but it’s confusing when you’re having a blue drink and you think you’ve got more in the bottom!

At movie night this week I finally saw Back to the Future! The entire existence of Rick & Morty suddenly makes sense (also bits of Family Guy). We also watched Don’t Watch This on Netflix, a series of 5-min horrors. Episode 4, Keep Out, is the best one in my opinion.

The most exciting watch of the evening for me was Suspiria! It wasn’t something I was desperate to see until I read a spoiler on Reddit of a scene I just had to witness for myself.

The film is hella weird but I loved it! The whole thing was kind of like a fever dream or a weird nightmare, where you’re frightened even though you don’t understand what’s going on.


The plot is basically about Witchcraft, which doesn’t bother me in itself because, like all humans, Witches can be good or bad people. But there’s a dumb line in the film from a guy who says something along the lines of, Witches can interfere with things, but only to do bad. That’s literally nonsense and also the kind of rhetoric that made my mother’s side of the family suffer a lot in living memory. I loved the film anyway.


I also finally went and made this. You won’t see my bitchin’ image galleries if you’re not on desktop though.



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