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We got married!

Eight years ago, it was 2010 and I met Will. We started dating after 2 days, moved in together after 2 weeks, and into a flat of our own after 2 months. I was hoping we’d continue the pattern and get married in 2 years, but life got in the way.

It turned out we had some more friends to meet along the way anyway, and some more places to go.

Got taken to the zoo last year for my birthday, got proposed to in the giraffe house, and here we are.

I originally had ideas of my wedding being very small, e.g. just witnesses in a registry office and then the reception with a few people in my own living room. But it kind of blew up into a whole thing and we ended up with 40 people! And if it weren’t for a couple of people not being able to come at the last minute, there literally wouldn’t have been any room to move at the restaurant, it was absolutely packed and I took paint off one of their walls with my wheel because there was no room for me to line myself up properly! Luckily they didn’t mind and I seemingly wasn’t the first person to do that.


There were a few disasters on the morning of the day; namely, I hadn’t properly tried on my dress because Will thought I should wait. I had stepped into it briefly to make sure it fit, but I’d never put it all the way on. So, boy, did I get a shock when I actually did the thing up and . . . IT DID NOT ACCOMMODATE MY BOOBS. I had some self-adhesive bra cups that should have protected my dignity, but unfortunately, they not only pushed my breast tissue too far out to the sides, they were also insanely visible beyond the fabric of the dress. So I had to go totally braless, using body tape to just about keep me covered, and then safety-pin my shrug together to try to stop everybody noticing my ridiculous cleavage!

Aside from that, I forgot to put my necklace on, forgot to put perfume on, little things like that. My hair was so weirdly crunchy that I think I might have forgotten to wash some of my conditioner out too!

The most stressful part by far was that I had to be in a room with about 40 people and say words in front of them when everything else was silent! I had an actual panic about it but in the end I think it went OK! I am incredibly surprised that I didn’t cry. I cried just when we were ticking boxes on our Notes for Ceremony form a while ago, so I thought I for sure was going to cry in front of all those people. But I didn’t! It kind of felt like I was watching a movie of my life in my head and not actively doing the things, I think I just reached peak stress and then went on autopilot.

Will was certain he wouldn’t cry but then he ended up getting a bit watery ❤.


Most of the photos on the day were taken by Will’s sister Katy.

Look at that gorgeous window.





We all know that I didn’t lose enough weight for this wedding, but I don’t understand how my face works. How is it that I can take this photo, with my phone straight in front of my face and no Fat Girl Angle™ . . .


… and then four days later have a face that does this???


It seems I spent a lot of the day with my eyes closed.


Sitting in front of the fake register for photos.


He’s so much taller than me.


Eyes closed again. It was hard to tell when people were actually taking photos.


And of course my “Just Married” banner partially flipped the wrong way around.


The reception went perfectly, I’m only bummed that I wasn’t aware of more of it and that I forgot small details like actually lighting the cactus jar candle we bought earlier in the year. I had planned to eat a mountain of nachos but literally forgot! People bought us a lot of drinks and it wasn’t long before I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

It was honestly such a magical time though, and really lovely to be surrounded by people who honestly cared about us.

Table with guestbook frame, name cards, and Kadek’s cake. It was mint choc chip but looked like a pumpkin.
You may recognise these string lights from our BBQ.



Best food ever. I’m surprised that this was actually the only thing I ate. I just totally lost track of what was going on.


Ben’s speech was only mildly embarrassing.
No room for manoeuvre.



Will’s sisters and brother.
Our rings are blue titanium.
A card from Will’s mum that will go in a frame at some point.


I’ve taken off my engagement ring now because my fingers puff up and shrink down at various times of day, and the two rings were pinching my finger skin together when they were loose and it was awful! So for now I’ve just got my wedding ring on. It’s a thicker ring than I’m used to but it will be alright when I get used to it.


We’ve got some really awesome wedding presents so far, it would be weird to go through and list them all but we absolutely love them and I’ve gotten to use some already, like a hand mixer I made Halloween cookies with!


We had our usual Halloween party at the weekend and I can’t believe I crammed so much into my life. Was it the biggest and best one ever so far? Well, I’m gonna say yes, because it was very lively and I, once again, very quickly had drunk enough that I had no idea what was going on.

The only bummer was that the light of the TV got too much because a migraine was peaking and I had to go and sit in the dining room in the dark! And then get immediately in bed as soon as everyone was gone.

I’ve had a constant headache for the past few weeks, which peaks into migraines with the usual gross side effects, and then comes down again for a while so I can actually move. At first I thought it was because of wedding stress, but I’ve realised that I’m due for another round of injections and so I’m probably going to be stuck like this until I have my next dose. It’s got to the point that I’m not doing a whole lot of functioning, Will is having to wash my hair for me again because I just can’t even plop shampoo on my own head.

But anyway, aside from that everything was great.


I tried to get in some dairy-free things so that Jake wouldn’t spend the night pooping in his pantaloons, but alas, he had already eaten some bad things.
Cat o’lantern.


Awesome wedding present stag.
Glowsticks are bitchin’. Forgot to get them out at the actual wedding though.


Jodi’s ball of glowsticks.


Halloween leggings.
I believe this was during As Above So Below but I’m not sure. It is one of my faves,
I love this inflatable pumpkin.


Weird sex-position skeleton lights . . .
. . . complete with hole.


I’m already excited for next year, I know for sure that we are watching The Nun. And probably just 2 other films because our local crowd likes a mix of other activities rather than just straight movie-watching all day.


My head is still thoroughly in October but I have to remind myself that actually, it’s November and I’m almost 29!


This was our reception playlist, in case anyone wants to find a song. I do remember being asked what songs were playing a few times, but there was so much chatter that my reply was always “I have no idea.”


Only slightly wrong!
Relieved to finally be Mrs Rowley-Morris.
Photo from Jane.
Banner before it fluttered around.
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