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Crunch time

I’ve named this post not only after a recent picture I had to create during a game of Drawful, but also, the period of time that we are now in.

Will and me are getting married soon, I keep thinking I can’t get any more stressed about it, but actually, it turns out that I can.

I am not sleeping well, my pattern in general has gone to complete crap. I can go to bed at an OK time, but I only seem to nap, I wake up in the early hours and end up being stupidly alert. Then I’ll have another nap in the daytime, and repeat. At this rate I’m going to need a nap at my own wedding.

Anyway, I’m stupidly awake right now so I may as well catch up with blogging.

Big blobby Joop.
Unpleasant finger (potential autobiography title).
Amazing light!


A film which dun’ disappointed me.

A couple of weekends ago I had a movie night while Will was out of town. Me and Jodi both needed to watch The Room so that we could watch The Disaster Artist. I have many, many thoughts about those films, but the most prominent are:

  1. Tommy Wiseau is a bona fide extraterrestrial being.
  2. What the hell is up with that fake top of a staircase?!
  3. I don’t think Tommy Wiseau has had sexual intercourse with anybody because he was aiming for some very, very wrong places in the sex scenes.

We also watched Malevolent on Netflix, which looked really promising based on the promotional image on the homepage, and also the opening few minutes. Basically, a thing happened with a mannequin which made me scream! But alas, there was no more of that sort of thing in the film, and it was a bit of a shiter really.

Cue Limmy:

I also finally saw Get Out.

Jodi and Lyndon had to go home before midnight, and nobody else managed to drop by, so I was just sat there unaccompanied all night, drinking alone on the sofa like a complete lemon ?.


The knuckle does not look so good when you compare it to the equivalent on on the opposite hand.


He’s getting so big!
Beautiful snail face.
I often forget that noses exist, and then remember every now and then, and I’m like, what the hell is that.
Beautiful toot!
A spoop that Kadek and me saw out in the wild.
Oh lawd he comin’.
Stressed Letti up at a stupid hour.
Joop stretching out on the roof of his hut.

Kadek came to see me this weekend and she helped me get a bit of wedding admin done (we made place cards and table numbers). We also finally did some local decoration shopping. It was nice but I forgot that I’m used to going to The Range on a Sunday, and it turns out that going on a Saturday is quite overwhelming.



According to the Ancestry website when I was looking at it a few months ago, this is a picture of the wedding of my 2nd-great-aunt. I’m very confused about how all the greats and grands and numbers fit into things, but I had a lot of feelings when I saw this picture anyway.

Elizabeth Ellen Morey, 2nd great grandmother, left, at wedding of Henry Barrett, 2nd great-uncle, to Doris Vera Mary Cole, 2nd great-aunt.

I think one of the reasons I’m so stressed is that, one day, descendants will be looking at my wedding photos much like I am looking at this photo now.
But, I won’t look very nice in those photos because I failed to lose enough weight this year. I lost some, but not enough, and it really all comes down to my own inability to eat at enough of a deficit. That failure and inability will be recorded and preserved for all of my future family to look back on forever. It’s daunting.

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