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The Nun

As mentioned in my previous post, I went to see The Nun in the cinema on Tuesday and I loved it SO MUCH.


The Andover cinema actually stopped showing it, so Jodi drove us both to Basingstoke. Will was ill and at home with Freya, so we got to go in the middle of the day, which was really awesome because we were the only people there!

It also meant that I could transfer out of my wheelchair and sit in an actual cinema seat, which, at the Vue, are these amazing comfy chairs with button-operated leg rests! They also have little tables for your drink and snacks, it was honestly one of the most comfortable experiences of my lift. The only improvement would be maybe adding blankets. And also bins.

To summarise, I am a huge fan of going to the cinema in the middle of a weekday.


My chair glowed in the dark so that was also cool.

I watch a lot of horror films but they tend to be ones that we all know are crap, you just sit through them to find the brief moment that makes you jump and “does you a spoop.”

But every single moment of The Nun frightened me in one way or another, and I enjoyed it so much. I 100% know that we will show it at 2019’s Halloween party.

Speaking of Halloween, we did a bit of shopping afterwards and picked up some cool stuff.


I found a bowl with a design of sugar skulls shaped like pumpkins, which is a niche I didn’t even realise I was into until I saw them. I also got some salt and pepper shakers that look like sugar skulls, and a couple of wax melts from Yankee Candle that just smell bitchin’. One of them will definitely be in a tart burner during the party, the other I might save for something around Christmas (I’d quite like to have a couple of people over in late December just for drinks and Xmas movies and stuff. I feel quite Christmassy already even though we haven’t had ‘ween yet).


If you haven’t seen The Nun yet I think you should definitely take the chance to see it on the big screen! And I will gladly go with anyone to see it again! Honestly I loved it so much that I might need to do an updated version of my favourite stuff.


Here are some more photos from recent times.

Big blobber!
I started out trying to have healthy toast with cucumber, but then I made the mistake of adding 3,000 calories of cheese. Cheese is my weakness.
Decided to use my pink eyeliner pencil for a change, I’m not sure it really shows up but I kind of like it.
8 entire years of Will & Letti!
Will made a lovely meal. I chopped the onions (I bought a chainmail butchers’ glove so I could chop things again) and when we made more wedges, I made the breadcrumbs.
I enjoy drink markers.

We watched Snatch, which I hadn’t seen for ages and really enjoy. I tend to forget most of the plot because I only seem to remember scenes which have Sol or Bullet-Tooth Tony. I always forget that Brad Pitt is in it.

Anyway, October has me in a really good mood and I want to keep riding it.

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