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What’s in my purse: Cinema trip

I love “What’s in my bag”-style posts and I haven’t done one in such a long time (maybe not at all on this blog), and packing my purse for a trip to the cinema with a friend made me think about doing one.

We went to see The Nun yesterday and it was SO GOOD but I’ll talk about that in a different post.

I took my pineapple bucket purse. I believe I got it from Simply Be originally but I can’t find it on their website at the moment.


We’ll go left to right, top to bottom, starting with things clipped to either side of the bag.

  1. Lip balm in a holder. The one on this bag is a Lipmate one.
  2. Dettol hand sanitiser gel.
  3. Expanding shopping bag! I love these and I have a couple of different ones clipped to different purses.
  4. Hearing aids/ pouch/ batteries. Didn’t actually wind up putting them in yesterday because I have an ear infection, and the cinema was boomy enough.
  5. Rizatriptan in  a case I was given with a prescription a few months ago.
  6. Contact lens eye drops. Still sealed because I forgot to actually clean my lenses in the cinema like I said I would!
  7. Mascara, eyeliner, glow-in-the-dark mirror.
  8. Pineapple power bank by Buqu.
  9. Sunglasses.
  10. Sanitary pad.
  11. Chums wallet (favourite wallet ever in life) on my old Pepsi lanyard; I find I panic less in shops if I can put it on and have it in easy reach.
  12. Pocket calendar.
  13. Keys with mini 4-colour pen.
  14. Passport in pineapple-pattern holder.
  15. Panic alarm; I actually got this because I’m worried that my dad might turn up and corner me at my wedding, but I realised I should really be carrying one anyway.
  16. Antibacterial wipes.
  17. Skin closure strips, just in case.
  18. Vomit bags, especially if I’m going in a vehicle.
  19. Compression gloves; I originally got these for being unobtrusive fingerless gloves I could wear when dog training, and because their compressing effect helps to warm up the finger joints. However, I’ve recently been wearing the left one in particular because it manages to squeeze out the oedema surrounding my finger injury. When I take it off, the fluid builds up again before long.


And, things I forgot to lay out in the photo:

  1. Hand cream. My hands crack so easily! I keep O’keeffe’s on my bedside table because it’s amazing, for going out I was recently using a Garnier shea butter one, and I decided to try this Nivea one when that ran out. I find this one makes my hands super tacky, but the moisture might be something I appreciate when I’m freezing cold.
  2. Leather bracelet. It basically says “God protect you” in Hebrew, I wear it a lot but sometimes I find my “wrist clutter” quite claustrophobic and take most of it off, and I like to clip the bracelet to something else I’m taking with me.

And two things I forgot to take out of an internal pocket:

  1. Glasses cleaning cloth (usually used on sunglasses or phone screen).
  2. A flu mask folded up in case I suddenly need it because someone near me is badly ill and therefore I could get ill.

That’s pretty much it!


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