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I can’t think of any good titles at the moment

Apparently my last post was the 200th on this blog. Anyway, here are some pictures of recent things.

I managed to slip when getting into the shower (even though Will was lifting me in!) and I cut my back when I fell. Taking a photo of your own back is quite difficult. Managed to hurt my thighs and biceps as well, which I assume is because I was trying to tense and grip anything on the way down.
I snapped my splint from adjusting the tip too much (it kept going pointy instead of rounded and really annoyed me) so now I’m just using steristrips to encourage the flappier area to heal. 
Attempting to wear a side plait for bed currently fails because I have too many shorter bits of hair.
A thick curl!
Joop’s growing butt.
It’s the time of year for dressing-gown-hermit Letti. I’m also incapable of taking a flattering photo of myself at the moment.
Heading to the ceiling for an adventure.
I cleaned the entire inside of this vacuum cleaner!
A blood test bruise.
Random tomo kanji which doesn’t actually appear in the Messenger conversation itself??
Had the opportunity to wear this when it got suddenly super cold!

I feel like there’s a lot going on even though I’m simultaneously not doing very much day to day.

Had a couple of people over to watch horror films with drinks last week and that was really fun. Super excited for the Halloween party and doing that sort of thing on a bigger scale.

Aside from that I just had a blood test and fell over in the shower, really ?‍♀️.

Will and me have been together for 8 years now, hopefully we’ll do something vaguely social and jovial for that.

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