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This past weekend was quite busy.

Ben came to see us on Friday and he took Will suit shopping for the wedding. Mike and my bestie Kadek also came over and we played some games and did some drinking.

Sulky floof because Will and Ben went out.
These were quite delicious. I stopped having rum for ages because I got back into vodka, but I feel like I should give rum a try again.
I forget why I took this picture at the time but here’s my face from the other night anyway.
Kadek’s EGGS.
Friendship times.

Kadek and me hung out in the nighttime while the other three went to bed, we did our usual thing of watching horror films on Netflix. There was one called Selfie from Hell, which, as I’m sure you can imagine from its title, is quite a bad piece of cinema, although it did have a moment in it that done us a genuine spoop.

We also watched a film about the Bosnian war that looked like it was a bit ghosty; the Bosnian genocide is very close to my heart and it’s something that I can’t even really talk about without losing my shit, it’s a subject I cannot desensitise myself enough to in order to discuss it, so I knew it was gonna be a risky film, but the prospect of a supernatural aspect intrigued me. In the end, I’m not entirely sure what actually happened.

And lastly there was a film called The Lodgers, which was a bit lacklustre. Frankly I need there to be updated Wikipedia pages on all three of those films that explain the fucking endings to me.

Eventually we just wound up watching Friends.

We laughed about Bombsy Tit, which you may also enjoy.

Ben and Mike took Will on his stag weekend, and I was incredibly nervous about it. By definition, one of those guys (in his wider friend group who all went on the trip) is responsible for drawing the SS logo on an inside wall of our house, so I couldn’t trust them not to murder him once he got ridiculously drunk. I got no fucking sleep all weekend, aside from when I clonked out in the daytime with fucking migraines.

[On this matter, please set aside time to watch this on YouTube and watch this on Netflix, so that you can begin to understand why Will and me quite literally face the prospect of leaving the country. This is some bad shit. Only then will you understand how loaded the graffiti in our house was.]

Will got to go clay shooting, which I am extremely jealous of because that is totally my shit, and also on a canal boat, which I am also quite jealous of. He came back to me alive and in one piece but I was worried anyway.

Saw this patch from the seller I was getting something for Will from for our anniversary, and I had to grab it. I suppose the message is slightly conflicting, because if you stay in, you won’t be in a tent, but you get the idea.

It’s just been Will’s birthday too, he specifically wanted to do nothing after his busy weekend, but I feel like it was a bit lacklustre anyway especially as the presents I got him from Amazon haven’t turned up yet ?. I’d be totally bummed if that happened on my birthday. Unfortunately he spent most of the day without me because I was in bed feeling like crap, and as a result I am once again sleepless in the nighttime.

Beautiful toot.
Look at you digging your own hole, I’m so in love with you.

On the subject of snails, I feel like I need to make it clear: You do not have to love snails, I never actually said that you did. I do not care that other people eat snails, as food. As long as it’s not my snail that I keep as a pet, I truly give no shits. I never said you had to like the idea of snails as pets or that people couldn’t eat them. You don’t have to like or acknowledge my snail in any way. You don’t have to make digs at Will and me for having a snail, because you’ve never had to involve yourself with it in any way.
The only reason we even have him is because my mum did some weird stuff and I ended up with him. Long story I don’t care to tell. Never actually asked you to hear it anyway. So maybe just let people enjoy things that they enjoy without being a dickhead just because you don’t enjoy the exact same thing OK.
I personally have fallen in love with snail-keeping, what the fuck ever, you can carry on doing whatever the fuck it is you do.

(not my image)


It’s coming up to three weeks since my kitchen accident; I feel like my finger is making progress in some ways and not in others. I suppose it was never going to be plain sailing healing something like this with a connective tissue disease. But there are so many things about it that are like, body, why won’t you fix this.

As straight as it goes compared to other fingers.
Usual shape it’s stuck in.

This looks like Boutonniere Deformity to me (see Fig. 3), but I haven’t had it properly looked at yet. Apparently, if you splint a finger for 8-12 weeks after an accident like this, tendon cuts can repair themselves without the need for surgery. I didn’t do much of that in the first week, I was just focusing on the wound, but now I’m trying to keep it splinted most of the time, it does seem much straighter if I don’t take the splint off for too long. It’s really annoying to wear, but obviously I’m trying to avoid the surgery route because that’s just grim.

Also, I don’t think I mentioned here but you might’ve noticed, I’ve had my stitches out! It was just a very brief nurse appointment at the GP office. Wasn’t a fan of the blade that had to be slid atop my wound in order to cut the thread. I’ve never had sutures that you need to have manually removed, and it turns out that it hurts, even though the internet said it didn’t. But I’m obviously doing way better than I was in those first days, even though I still can’t grip very much with my left hand, and the top of the incision still bothers me a fair bit.

Monday, slightly overdid moisturising it.
Tonight. Does me a squick.



I’ve seen a couple of interesting questions on Twitter recently. Sometimes I do actually post about somewhat interesting things ??? on Twitter. Ironically it’s the platform I have the fewest real-life people on.







PS: I keep forgetting to mention this dress Kadek bought me in July because I’m a bellend

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