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The mediocre week

Not a lot of especially interesting stuff happened in the past week, but it was a bit of a weird one anyway.

Also for some reason, in the post before last, photos that were uploaded in the portrait orientation, became landscape after I published the post. I don’t know how to sort that out, they don’t appear that way for me when I’m actually typing, so if pictures have turned themselves sideways again today, well, I really don’t know what to do about it.


I think I’m starting to get past my most recent mental health crisis, but I had a busy couple of days and forgot medication on both of them, so I might have an inevitable relapse again. I was blissfully chill on Saturday and I’m worried about when I’ll start getting worked up again.

That feel when you try to shuffle down the stairs with some laundry but then this happens. I hate not being able to just go up and down like a normal person and not make a huge mess.
A weird hair texture.
Attempting a new method of probe-hoisting.
Getting dirt out of his flaps in the pool.
People recommend Tiger Balm for migraines because of the cold sensation it creates, which can be nice when your head is on fire, although not actually curative. I’m not sure what I think of it yet.

I decided to try Tiger Balm. It turned up, and one night this week I had an especially vicious migraine in bed. The next morning, I woke up with the need to fire from both ends (which is quite usual for me with migraines). But sitting up in bed and on the toilet actually made me super ill and it was a bit scary at the time. My heart was absolutely pounding at a million miles a minute, so I assume POTS was responsible, especially as it all calmed down when I managed to lie in bed again.

I glanced in the mirror when washing my hands and noticed that my lips had gone totally white! As far as I know it doesn’t normally happen when I faint or get palpitaty day-to-day. I noticed with the mirror on my bedside table that my lips were losing colour every time I tried to sit up. So I was in bed until the afternoon feeling like total shit.

Very bad.

I was ill in bed on some other days this week, but not quite to the same degree. I don’t know if the sudden temperature drop/ changes in weather-related pressure have anything to do with it. I knew it was raining as soon as I was conscious this morning, because my bones were screaming at me. It’s a very particular feeling.

Another annoying thing about the weather cooling down is that the ambient temperature falls and so my snail tank is colder! You’d think the heat mat and thermostat would take care of that, but apparently not. I struggle to get the temp to go above 23 in the tank now and I do not fucking know why. I dunno if I need a higher wattage heat mat or what.

Our beautiful and very grown-up new tablecloth. You can get one here!
I made myself presentable for watching the Dota championships.
Things doing stuff.
Adventures in snailing.
Beautiful toots.
Got a frame for a spare invitation. I glued it to some craft tissue paper so it looked all nice and stuff.
Recently found this old sticker, decided to put it on my chair.
World’s most handsome boy.

Will’s mum came up to see us this weekend, and not only helped us to clear up our spare room a bit, but also took me on a trip to The Range. The UK Halloween Watch group has had photos of people’s local stores having their Halloween decorations out already, sadly this wasn’t the case for mine yet; apparently the stuff is physically in the building but not being put on display for about 3 weeks. But I picked up a couple of useful things anyway.

The main downside to this day was that the weather has made grass verges into liquid mud, and I had to step onto said liquid mud with my walking stick in order to get into the car in the first place. I ended up with ridiculously thick sludge on my shoes, which slopped all over my footplate, and the base of my cane, and so also into the bag in which I fold my cane into when sitting, and so on and so forth. Everything became a muddy nightmare.

Rain is nice to listen to when you’re near an open window/ safely in a camping tent, but when you actually have to do stuff in it, it becomes a bit of a pain in the ass.

Hopefully the coming week will be a bit more positive and have fewer instances of weather-related nonsense.


Will is off with Ben on a weekend soon and I’m nervous about that. Hopefully on the corresponding Friday, some people will come over to ours to hang out, and then at least I’ll have seen some people/ have spent quality time with Will before I then have to sit like a lemon in my house all weekend.
Also, The Nun should be in cinemas at some point in September and I’d love to see that on a big screen (I will probably scream a lot though, 3spoopy5me). I’m pretty sure there is a cinema in Andover, although I’m not sure where. Or how I plan on getting there.

Oy vavoy m8 ? 



On another note, I finally figured out getting All 4 to work, so I’m watching Friday Night Dinner again (including a season I haven’t actually seen), and dang I forgot how physically painful the cringe in that show is.
I am always up for a marathon of it if anyone wants to do that (or of Arrested Development, or Friends, or Téléfrançais, etc). You don’t really have to DO anything if you come to my house, you can kind of just put the TV on and sit there. When my best friend comes up we are just there in our pyjamas with films on, probably drinking, and sometimes talking over them anyway ?.


This past week I’ve had one of these two things on a loop in my head, and not much else:

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