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2 weeks since I got needled in the head

Phoebe's top five steaks and an eggplant
Someone in the world must know where I can get this amazing top from ✨? 

As the title may suggest, it is coming up to 2 weeks since I got my injections for migraines. It has been interesting so far. The effect is meant to be cumulative, but some places are very obviously already paralysed. Mainly, my forehead seems very frozen in place. My eyebrows can still move, but my forehead doesn’t go with them. It’s a weird feeling. Also, when my eyebrows move, they look like they go up at the ends in a V shape, effectively creating the “Botox eyebrows” I spoke of previously.

Even when I’m not raising them, they just look a bit odd on my face. They have also wreaked havoc on my hooded eyelids (my sister wound up with full monolids, and I wound up with, well, these).

Also demonstrating just-washed hair.
Day 2 hair; flat as a pancake ?

In terms of actual impact on migraines, I’m not really sure of anything yet. I thought it might be helping because I had a headache that seemed less pulsy and more spread among the injected areas, but that could have just been a postdrome headache and not even a migraine. I went on to have an unmistakable migraine I can only describe as “spicy” because it was raining in the middle of the night and I guess my head didn’t like the pressure caused by the weather. We’ll have to see if future injections make any difference.

Temperature disparity as the weather cools down (a bit).
A time that I was a murderer.
Our TV started getting a weird double image. It looked like everyone on Friends was wearing t-shirts of themselves.

Our TV kind of broke. We’ve had it since 2015 and it was only a £200 one so Will thinks it’s not surprising that it went kaput. Jake has let us borrow his old TV though, so I can still stream Friends or Arrested Development all the live-long day despite how many times I’ve seen them.

Freya was entertained by her reflection in the TV, although I was too late to catch it.

We recently went to visit a client and her dog. It was lovely to catch up with them, although we were in a place that one could describe as “the arse-end of nowhere” (we passed a fire station with only one engine!) and for a while we were worried that we might get lost and be murdered by a countryside spoop. That didn’t happen though and so we found our way to the interesting newbuild development in question.

Despite the fact newbuilds are supposed to follow accessibility laws, this one, just, did not. There was a huge kerb literally in front of the front door to the client’s house, and a distinct lack of dropped kerbs in the community. And GRAVEL PATHS. What a nightmare. The house itself was lovely although for some reason the developer designed lots of little tight areas near the exit doors. You all know how I feel about house plans.

Very beautiful.


Distance stay.
Me and my clipboard.
Doin’ that dog training.
A slightly less appalling bullet journal page than the last one.
More photos of my sweet snail.


My glowing Parasaurolophus came off! Luckily it was found in the boot of Emily’s car.
An updated Netflix profile.
Dance with the Dead have a bitchin’ new album out.

In my sidebar I’ve got a couple of songs I’m into at the moment, although if you’re not on desktop right now it might not actually appear at the side, but way at the bottom instead.

Shoving his head inside some cucumber.
Beautiful Ozzy pays a visit.
My eyebrows just do not fucking look right on my head and I’m very conscious of it. Also my face seems rounder even though I lost more weight so wtf is that about.
Stuff with “passion” in the name tends to taste like summer armpits.

So yeah I guess that’s pretty much all of my current news at the moment.

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