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Fantasy casting: Biohazard/ Resident Evil

You may remember that nearly a year ago now I listed my casting ideas for Tomb Raider.

I’ve been watching lots of Resident Evil (a.k.a. Biohazard, バイオハザード) longplays recently to get my nostalgia fix.

These got me thinking about how, as with Tomb Raider, I’d love for a movie loyal to the 1990s games to be made, complete with polystyrene sets and animatronic monsters.
I swear I could make such good films if Hollywood would only let me borrow millions of dollars and leave me to it!

So here are some of my ideas for live-action casting of key Resident Evil characters. I haven’t included every character ever, because I can’t think of somebody for everyone, and there are also some games I haven’t played, like Revelations etc.

Jill Scarlett

Wentworth Oded Chris
Wentworth actually did play Chris in the previous film adaptations, and I previously didn’t think he was a good choice, but now I think it would actually be good if he had more upwards-going hair. Oded Fehr was also in the prior adaptations as a different character, but I also think he could pull off Chris with the way his hair sits on his head, if that makes sense.
Jim Barry
His hair would need to go a bit upwards also, but otherwise I think they look quite alike.
Chloe Rebecca
I’m torn about whether she could be adult Sherry Birkin instead.

Patrick Albert

Mary Claire

Jensen Leon
I didn’t notice how similar they looked from some angles until today! He’d need more hair of course.

Peta Ada

Jorja Helena
Because they look the same!
Jacob Jake
I see a lot of similarities.


Bonus Dino Crisis!

Maika Regina

Dino Crisis is another gem from Shinji Mikami and team. I don’t think it’s as popular as Resident Evil, and the series certainly isn’t still going; it came to an abrupt halt after Dino Crisis 3, which, if I remember correctly, was set far in the future, in space, with dinosaurs. Now you’d think that dinosaurs in space would tick all my boxes, but Dino Crisis 3 was a bit weird. And clearly everybody thought so because these games haven’t been heard from since.

They are in desperate need of an epic reboot. In movie terms, I can see Maika Monroe pulling off Regina. I should refresh myself with the games before I go thinking of actors for the other characters.

I really loved Regina when I was a kid. Jill Valentine made me want to be a cop, but Regina was just super cool to me even though I knew I couldn’t fight dinosaurs for a living.

I’ve never forgotten this bitchin’ intro for Dino Crisis 2. That T-Rex used to do me a real spoop.


If you’re making any of these movies, please throw me in there as a random bit-part character!


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