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The plan again

I decided to try Metropix, the same thingy that actual estate agents use to make floorplans. This is the result.

I added in the veranda conservatory idea.

Metropix is trickier than Floorplanner.com for a few reasons, namely that you can’t tell how far along a wall you are placing a door, so I couldn’t replicate the other version of the plan to the precise millimetre. Also, the furniture is bizarrely huge, especially the toilets! And you can’t draw an additional room unless it’s attached to an existing room, which meant I just had to use “blocks” to represent the wheelchair lift and banister on the top floor.

It looks very pleasing though.
Looks like the bedroom window actually vaguely lines up with the back door this time. Does this mean I did something wrong? Who knows.
“Don’t forget me in your plans, Mum!” ❤️ 
My sketch of the exterior. I have numerous problems with perspective and angles.
3D model from Floorplanner, as in prior post.


I’m not sure if there needs to be another window above the kitchen sink or not.


I really, really want to build this house. I’ve gone through so many floorplan ideas, even since I was a kid and before I had any accessibility requirements. I hope this is the final one, or at least close to it, because it is not an inordinately big house, but still has plenty of space for me to drive around without hitting furniture, and space to host Dat Ween. Perhaps most importantly, there is plenty of space for big dogs to flop all over the floor.

There should be enough bedrooms for us to have a child and also so that Will’s mum could move in with us if she wanted (and bring all her animals + decor), plus rooms that Ben could occasionally stay in, and other relatives at Christmas.

We just need to get to the point in life where we can get a self-build mortgage. Hopefully land costs won’t wipe us out at the first hurdle. I’d be happy with crappy land as long as we are allowed to build on it. Hopefully we’ll find an infill plot on the corner of an existing street that fits our needs.


Homebody for life yo.
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