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I am awake in the night

Yo guys, I’m awake in the nighttime. It might be because I’m excited about my birthday, it might also be because I needed to sleep a lot in the daytime. It is probably a combination of those two things.


So while I’m here I may as well tell you some gross things about my ear.

Because I kept catching the bar and yanking it, I decided to put in a shorter one, so that this was less likely to happen and my piercing might actually heal. My shorter bar was very nice, green and purple stripes. I’ve had it for pretty much that same length of time as my long bar, sitting there and waiting for me to have my vertical piercing.


Various jewellery sitting in rubbing alcohol.
Bar completely removed.
Bleeding as shorter bar starts going in through the top.


I encountered a problem. No matter how hard I pushed the bar in, the bottom threads were getting stuck right before the exit hole at the bottom of my ear. It got incredibly painful and I couldn’t figure it out.

Exit hole in view, along with the reddish area where the end of the bar got stuck.

I eventually realised that the bar was actually a millimetre or two too short to actually come out at the other end of my ear. Very frustrating! So I got hold of two shorter barbells and put one in each hole. All in all it took about 12 hours to change my jewellery because I was moving so slowly because it hurts so damn much.

I guess next year I’ll try to get a longer version of the striped bar, but I’ll keep the two shorter bars in until the piercing progresses a lot. External threads hurt SO MUCH. I’m not sure what to do with the shorter bar, thinking of putting it in my right ear for something (only after I am very over this piercing) but I’m not sure what.


If you have trouble holding a fastener, you can use Blu Tack (in my case, white tack) to give you a bigger grip as you screw it on.
The next day, the area that the shorter bar had got stuck on, developed pus.
The day after that, it looked like this.
And then, this. You can see the ejected pus on the right of the ear. Not sure if it’s a boil or an infection or just a wound caused by the threads getting stuck.

Believe it or not I do actually clean my ears, I don’t know why they always look so gross and shiny in pictures.

This is the latest close-up I have of that area. Not entirely sure if that’s OK.


Beautiful lights.


Pentacle lights.


I look forward to using this!
A picture of Freya that William took recently.
Freya flopping on us in bed.
Resting in such a way that it looks like she doesn’t have a nose.
2018’s journal!
Currently reading a spoopy book.



Still not doing very good at the moment, sitting up and doing any prolonged typing seems to cause a migraine. I notice that on days I spend a lot of time lying flat, I get longer gaps between headaches. I don’t know why, but it does mean I still can’t sit up and get any serious work done because it hurts so fucking much.

It’s my birthday soon though. I hope I get to feel good for my birthday.


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