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19 Things Before 2019

I continue to not be doing so great at the moment and to just not have any brain power. I am mostly asleep. Even if I sleep through the night I need to sleep in the day. And it’s a good job I do, because sitting upright will either give me a migraine or a tension headache. I still haven’t heard back about my scan yet.

I finished my course of antibiotics recently, my infection seems gone and my ear pain is doing really good. However, I can’t seem to stop catching my piercing on things every time I move! The other day I pulled what I thought was a stray hair, but it turned out be trapped under the piercing crust, which I ripped off and in so doing, pulled the piercing bar all the way up through my ear. I think I need to get brave enough to put my shorter bar in, but the last time I took the bar out, was the day before I started having infection symptoms, so it might go terribly. I don’t think the ear is going to swell further up or down though, so the current bar is simply way too long. How do I get myself into these things!


Anyway, I was thinking about which goals to set for 2018. I wound up deciding to think of 19 things I want to get done before 2019.


  1. Get a sewing machine and sew my next Halloween costume (it’s a secret!) and finish that bag.
  2. Finish putting money aside to pay off my overdraft.
  3. Use the year to get down to 140lbs/ 10 stone, which is the weight I was last thin at. Not the thinnest someone of my height could be, but definitely good.
  4. Slim down enough to wear a nice flag dress for Eurovision.
  5. Leave the country.‡
  6. Get matching tattoo with my sister.‡
    Amber matching tattoo
    Something involving the original Atlantean scion and the dragon secrets.
  7. Knuckle down and clear out the spare room!‡
  8. Get my eating disorder under control.
  9. Actually in-person-meet people I’ve met on apps.‡
  10. Have a routine bedtime.
  11. Try cross-stitch.
  12. Make headway on my “To Read” Goodreads shelf instead of always getting distracted by something not on the list.
  13. Learn to code again.
  14. Cross off bucket list items (this one is kind of cheating because it’s so vague!)‡
  15. Finish my current story (intended to have it all done in a month but then my brain went missing)
  16. Go to Marwell Zoo.‡
  17. Organise my house better (e.g. actually get a chest of drawers instead of throwing clothes in an ill-fitting cupboard)‡
  18. Get house things actually according to my aesthetic instead of just plain cheap things, otherwise I will only continue to own things that don’t match what I like.
  19. Grow my hair long again, but look after it.
    Teenage Letti with her ridiculous Breton hair.

‡ = Things that unavoidably need the help of another person.


It’s my birthday in 11 days! *cough*

Obviously I’m trying not to look at my wishlist so that I can’t see what’s gone, but thanks to everyone who has got me something already, hopefully I will see you at some point.

I’m really going to try to knuckle down for Christmas this year too, being as we have utterly failed at presents for the last two years, with two close-to-Christmas house moves!

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