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Misadventures in an old lady’s driveway

At the weekend, we went to homecheck and interview an applicant, which involved assessing a lovely dog. Kadek’s friend Emily very kindly drove us, even though it involved going back and forth to Andover. It was interesting going on a different route through Hampshire, even if the satnav did want us to turn left and drive off of a bridge onto the motorway below.

The dog we assessed was gorgeous and lovely. She was technically a Labradoodle but looked more Labrador than Poodle. She was very loving and happy to climb into our laps! I would have taken her home if she didn’t belong to someone. She passed her assessment anyway, has a few areas to work on but nothing too bad, she’s very good for a young dog.

I took some bad photos of this lovely baby.


Me in my uniform.

I wasn’t sick on the way to the client, but I almost was on the way back. We pulled over for a while, and it turned out we had parked in someone’s driveway. Emily accidentally leaned on the horn, and the next thing we knew, some poor confused elderly woman was looking out the window at us. She then pushed a button to make her gate start opening, so we hurriedly and awkwardly drove off. Cringe.


I finished hand-sewing my bag the other day. Unfortunately, it fell apart when I went out the door on Saturday! The strip of fabric holding the D-ring for clipping the strap to, ripped right out of the bag and an inner lining detached too. It bums me out actually quite a lot. I worked so hard sewing it, stabbed myself in the fingers a bunch (a thimble can only help so much with someone as calamitous as me), and then in the end, my stitching just wouldn’t hold.

I’ll have to unpick all the stitching and go over it with a sewing machine. I think I’ll try and get a cheap John Lewis one when I next have money. Hopefully things can survive being resewn. We’ll see.

Here are some pictures of other recent things:

A beautiful neighbourhood cat on our lounger.


She’s so beautiful and silly.
Can’t remember if I mentioned that my Fluoxetine went up to 40mg, which effectively means I just take two tablets. My GP pointed out that if my dose was right, I should, actually, feel normal and good sometimes. I realised that I never did. She’s also the first medical professional to actually ask me whether I did or not. Now that I take more, I do actually feel ~*content*~ quite a lot. The downside is that my prescriptions now cost £40 a month :/
And, last but not least, Will brought me home this amazing cat-shaped Halloween pumpkin! I’m still grinning like an idiot about it. As you can see I have already Halloweened the rest of the table.
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