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Cool Halloween things

It’s not exactly a secret that I madly love Halloween.

Halloween-themed things bring me great joy, and the internet has plenty of them to offer at this time of year. Here are some of the lovely Halloween things I’ve come across!


Halloween stationery

These Halloween stationery stickers.


Halloween badge

This Halloween badge. Simple and to the point!


Pumpkin silver ring

This silver pumpkin ring. I’d personally be happy with this as an engagement ring, but my partner thinks that’s a terrible idea.


pumpkin necklace

This cute pumpkin necklace. It’s laser cut!


Glow in dark Halloween cat collar

This glow in the dark Halloween pumpkin cat collar! I’m not fortunate enough to have my own cat yet, but when I get one, I can’t imagine getting a collar that won’t glow in the dark. I’d want to see my cat moving around in the night and causing nonsense, especially around Halloween time! The adorable pumpkin bell makes me want to buy this collar even though I can’t use it yet!


Boo earrings

These Boo! earrings, with a tiny ghost and bat!


Bat skirt

This cute skirt with bats, stars, and moons. You can select black, purple, or white as the background colour, and it comes in sizes S to 3XL.


Wooden bat earrings

These simple but adorable bat earrings. They’re made from recycled wood and surgical steel.


So, that’s my rundown of lovely Halloween things I’ve seen. I hope everyone is as excited for the upcoming season as I am!

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