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Nightmares in neurology

You probably remember that I’ve been waiting for a neurology appointment RE: issues relating to migraines. I got letters pushing my appointment back TWICE, because the neurologist was on holiday, there apparently wasn’t anyone else we could see, and we were told that if someone else cancelled an appointment, it would be given to me straight away.

Instead, this week, a copy of a letter sent to my GP turned up, bollocking me for not having attended my neurology appointment. The date that the man is claiming I should have turned up, is one that he already cancelled! Thankfully I have the proof of the previous letter he sent. Will rang up the department to ask what the hell they are doing, and guess what? The third date I was given after the previous two cancellations, Oct 25th, was not even a real appointment we could have had, because the same doctor is on “annual leave” AGAIN.

They gave us an appointment for 11am the next day, because somebody cancelled one, and of course, this was the first we were hearing about it despite previous promises.

Thankfully the neurologist we saw was a different one to the doctor who apparently has some sort of vendetta even though we’ve never met.


The long and short of that appointment is that my current situation is being termed Chronic Daily Migraine, and I’m being booked in for a CAT scan. We have to get the train to Winchester for it because Andover doesn’t have a scanner. I guess that’s what happens when you move to the middle of nowhere. You expect hospitals to have certain equipment, but outside of a city they probably just don’t.

I don’t know how we’ll get someone to look after Freya while we go on an entire train journey, but hopefully it will be OK.

I’m in the odd position of having to hope that there is something visibly wrong with my brain that they can sort out. Because if there isn’t, if this is just a thing my body is doing for no reason, then I am stuck with it indefinitely, and I really don’t want to go on living like this. Every time that I think my “good” days can’t get any more painful, my body adds another issue. Here are my symptoms.

Apparently MRI scanners are better for detecting tumours than CAT scanners are, so I don’t know if this scan will tell us anything anyway, but I hope it does, and I hope I stop having migraines. I hope I get my ability to think back. I accept that there’s probably nothing that can be done for my old twice-yearly migraines, and frankly, getting 6 months between headaches sounds amazing right now. But the fact that this fairly constant pain in my left temple suddenly appeared from nowhere, shows that something is obviously wrong, something has obviously happened inside my head. I just want it to go away.


We saw a beautiful black cat on the way home.


My body in all its horribleness, looking autumnal.

Also the gate behind me in the picture was broken, so going through it was so much easier.


You may also remember these awesome Halloween cat lights I bought. I put them up once October began.

They looked good for a while, pending some positional adjustments.


But then in the same evening, 5 bulbs flickered and burned out.


So Lights4Fun sent me a replacement set. Immediately, these ones also had 5 bulbs out, but on the opposite end!


It’s a real bummer because they’re such beautiful lights, I think the fact that they arrive all knotted together in the box is probably severing some connections. They’ve offered me a 3rd set but I’m not sure what to do, the same thing is likely to happen again, and at the moment I have a lot of excess cat baubles.


I found a way to use the paper ghosts from the string lights that broke last year, though!
Here’s my dog’s butt from about 4am one night.
A pineapple lipgloss my sister brought me! Freya seems genuinely convinced that it’s actually a dog treat.

My little charm that I’ve had since forever has finally completely broken. The tube is cracked and the liquid is coming out, I’ve got it wrapped in a tissue for now, but eventually there’ll be nothing for the writing inside to float in. I’m not sure if I should get a replacement one or just let it go ☹️.



It was our 7th anniversary recently!! Three years to go until it’s an entire decade together.


I actually made this risotto.
Freya in bed this morning.

Got a new spoopy book for building up dat spoop before Halloween.


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