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Things that happen when you grow out your nails

I’ve been growing my nails longer recently. Here are some things that happen when you do that.

Scooping things with your fingertips gets a bit difficult

Day cream unavoidably gets under nails.
Contact lenses won’t come out of the pot without a fight.

You make yourself bleed


Itching the inner corner of your eye becomes very precarious. Scratching the inside of your nose will get you a nosebleed. I once gave myself a fairly gnarly eyebrow cut in the middle of the night because my fingers went astray while I was trying to pineapple-up my hair in bed. Prepare to bleed.

You find yourself tapping them on any available surface

Because you can.

Pressing buttons with the very ends of your fingers becomes a thing of the past

Because your nails are literally in the way of you pushing any further down.

They snag on anything and everything

Including velcro braces for some reason.

There’s ALWAYS stuff under your nails!


Annoying cuticles seem to grow underneath the nails too, from the hyponychium. All the flaky bollocks is much more noticeable when your nails are longer.

You break them


Sometimes, despite use of nail saver patches and other emergency fixes, a split can keep spreading across the nail and eventually it’ll be too big of a break to keep. And then you have an individual short nail.

Your hobbies change


You might need to invest in an open-sided thimble if you like sewing. Whatever it is you like to do, you have to be a lot more careful with longer nails.

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