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What’s on my Nightstand?

What's on my Nightstand

Here’s a rundown of my bedside table, which may or may not tell you interesting things about me.

  1. Contact lenses (or, the empty shells that daily disposables come in).
  2. Nail oil.
  3. Day cream.
  4. The first teddy I ever had as a baby, I still love it very much.
  5. Switch for string lights.
  6. O’KEEFFE’S WORKING HANDS cream which is amazing.
  7. Contact lens boxes for the month.
  8. Glasses case and upstairs glasses (I once made a purse from this exact same cat fabric).
  9. Nytol One-A-Night, the version you have to ask a chemist for, not the nonsense version that doesn’t work. I try not to take it very often because it makes me groggy the next day.
  10. Book stored under glasses case – currently nothing.
  11. A box that my hoop earrings belong in but I keep forgetting to bring them back upstairs.
  12. A hook of hair accessories, most visible is my hair donut.
  13. Eye mask hanging area.
  14. Basket of things like deodorant, air freshener, a duster, large palettes.
  15. The Pepsi Max area.
  16. More contact lens boxes on the shelf below.
  17. An old wrapper for a female condom, that I should really take out of there.
  18. Hair clips and a band that are actually not meant to be there.

Not shown in the picture is the area I actually put my phone in. You can kind of see it in the photos below though, I made a cradle out of an old mouthwash bottle and covered in in wrapping paper that had foxes on it. It hangs on a clear Command hook that I’ve glued onto the table.


My make-up rests on the shelf below, although I don’t actually use it often enough, and there’s also a colourful vibrator that there’s no point in denying ?‍♀️.



There’s a hook next to the bed upon which I hang frequently-worn necklaces and my in-house phone purse. Next to that is a carbon monoxide alarm showing the temperature. 
The rest of my jewellery lives over here, it’s a real mess though and I really need to clean it, I just can’t devote a day’s energy to doing that at the moment. I’m still missing lots of bracelets and stuff that I’ve just never spotted since the move.
There were a lot of holes and nails already in the wall here, so I just hung up our owl string lights. They’re useful for nighttime chilling in bed before actually sleeping, as well as needing to get up in the night. The stars and planets on the wall glow in the dark, by the way.
Above our bed.


In other news, the nail colour I’ve been wearing this past week is quite nice, it’s called “Peacock” although I’m not entirely sure what brand it is, there’s a number 17 on the bottle but I can’t find it on Amazon or anything. It’s likely a super old one that my sister passed on to me, who in turn probably got it from our mother. It had a really watery consistency at first, so I think it is quite old, but after shaking it a bit it worked fine.


This might be the modern version of them?

I have a video I made last year of my bedside table back then. I really should use YouTube more, although I’m not very interesting so it doesn’t feel worth it very often.


So yep, that’s pretty much it for stuff about my nightstand.


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