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Gift ideas for the Letti in your life

Do you have a Letti in your life? Here’s how to tell if someone is a Letti:

First and foremost, a Letti is a definite homebody. Curling up on the sofa like a cat is a steadfast Letti hobby. Having said that, a Letti will have urges for occasional big bursts of adventure, usually to a green place where they can spot ducks or other people’s dogs. Lettis like dogs very much and often some cats. Lettis tend to be attracted to odd or hideous things, like the Secretary bird, the duck-billed platypus, the nudibranch, Yoda or Monsieur Ananas. A Letti will definitely dress for comfort over style, which leads to a lot of mismatched outfits and jewellery that never quite fits. A Letti may try to emulate Lara Croft’s manner of speaking but will still say things like “bitchin’,” “mate,” “can you not,” and “doin’ my nut in.” The main events of a Letti’s year are things like Halloween and the Eurovision Song Contest. A Letti probably either has intense feelings about things, or no feelings whatsoever, and not a lot of in-between. A Letti will feel very fierce sometimes but will also burst into tears if a dog sits funny. A Letti might be perceived as quite a strange person, but really, they just want to chill out and be happy with life.


So, with that in mind, here are some gift ideas ???? for the Letti in your life:

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These items are from Etsy and Amazon, images belong to Etsy, Amazon, and the sellers of the items. I’ve only put them here to show the items.


Secretary Bird iron-on patch

Secretery Bird Patch spiderstitches

A delightfully odd creature, now in the form of an embroidered iron-on patch for a bag, jacket, or anything else it will stick to. Available here on Etsy.

Graveyard nail stencil

Graveyard nail stencil

These are for creating silhouettes of cemeteries with your nail polish. Spoopy, creppy! Available here on Etsy. 

T-Rex earrings

T-Rex earrings chimericgarnish

It’s hard to go wrong with anything shaped like a dinosaur or a skull; these combine the two and are neon. Available here on Etsy.

Eyeroll emoji patch

Eyeroll emoji patch

Your Letti probably does a fair amount of eye-rolling at things and may use this emoji quite often. Available here on Etsy.

Iced Coffee 4 Life patch

Iced coffee 4 life patch

This one seems to be quite self-explanatory! Available here on Etsy.

Nacho takeaway earrings

Nacho takeaway earrings

Tex-Mex and takeaway are two things celebrated by Lettis, and here they are in earring form. Available here on Etsy.

Skull handwarmers

Skull hand warmers

They’ve got skulls on them and they keep you warm during the autumnal times! Available here on Amazon.

Spikey ankle boots

Studded spikey bootsSpikey boots

The spikes don’t really have any practical function, but they look very nice! The kind in the first image are listed here, and the other kind are here.

PlayStation keyring

PlayStation keyring

Your Letti is almost definitely eternally nostalgic for the original PlayStation, and probably also likes keyrings a lot, so this is a winning combination. It could also be used as a zip-pull, if you think your Letti has too much on their keys already. Available here on Amazon.

Luminous paint

Luminous paint

This one is a no-brainer! You get to make things glow in the dark and make a mess at the same time! Available here on Amazon.

Halloween pumpkin stress ball

Pumpkin Halloween stress ball

Another one that’s almost too good to exist! Lettis have a lot of repressed feelings, and they also adore Halloween, which is represented by the pumpkin. Available here on Amazon.

Anself handheld sewing machine

Anself handheld cordless sewing machine

Sewing machines may be quite difficult for a Letti; they are big, heavy, and often very expensive. While it obviously won’t stitch things to the quality of a full-size sewing machine, it’s undoubtedly handy for little jobs (such as going around the edges of iron-on patches?). Available here on Amazon.


I hope this inspires some gift ideas for your eclectic loved ones.

(Incidentally, if I am the Letti in your life, I do have an Amazon wishlist linked in the sidebar of this blog if you are interested, not quite gift time yet though).
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