Ending summer


We had our 2nd barbecue at the weekend, just in time for the end of summer. Well, August has suddenly decided to kick things up a gear just as we’re all looking forwards to Halloween, and it’s now really hot and sunny even though most of the month actually wasn’t. It’s 27°C as I type this, which makes for a very hot and sweaty Letti.

The first thing I want to do is actually rave about this mosquito coil spiral I found on Amazon! You probably know that I’m a fan of the little mosquito-repelling incense coils that you put in the holders. I only recently discovered that you can get them in the form of gigantic spirals that you don’t need to get up and change during an event! They wouldn’t work so well for camping but I am honestly in love with these.


Getting food and stuff.


This was OK although the generic cola taste wasn’t very nice.
These were very nice.
Watching people.
Dan wouldn’t leave the candle alone because apparently he can’t resist fire.

Incidentally, the below image demonstrates how to extinguish one of these spiral coils if you want to save it for another day. You have to hold it at a tricky angle, but it can be done.



This is Codenames and it went terribly.


A lot of foliage has overtaken the lights, but it’s still nice.



I didn’t have any colour-changing stuff for the chiminea this time, but fire is fire.
Rob cooking in the dark.
My eyes look creepy but also I want to show you how much I like solar-powered string lights.
Photos of us weren’t showing up in the dark, so we flipped the phone around to use the flash, and we were quite blinded by it.
Freya on Will’s lap during Drawful.
This did not go as planned.

It was nice to be able to do this kind of thing with our friends, before everything goes all wintry again (I’m not averse to having a garden party in the winter but I don’t think anybody else would want to!). Jane found out about it just in the nick of time and still came down, which was really good ❤️.


I don’t know what it is about doing stuff in the dark outside, whether in front of a fire or just with string lights, but I really love it.

It’s Halloween soon and I am so ready 🎃.

Ananas phone

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