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The joy of Cyber Clean

It must have been about two years since I last Cyber-Cleaned my computer. For the uninitiated, Cyber Clean is basically a goo you can use to clean your keyboard. It also works on the crannies on mobile phones and on things like PS3 controllers. The crumbs and grossness wedged in between your keys, sticks to the Cyber Clean and gets pulled out.

Plus, it makes a perfect imprint of your keyboard, and that’s more fun than you would expect.
Pulling out that gross stuff.


Getting Cyber Clean in hasn’t been a financial priority, but my keyboard was getting to the point where the keys were obviously jammed with gunk. I do all sorts of things at my computer that I shouldn’t do; eat, drink, paint my nails. I dread to think what the actual insides of my computer look like.

This one can’t really be taken apart; I took my old laptop apart years ago when the ribbon cable for the keyboard detached itself, it was filthy in there, and a lot more dog hair gets in than you would expect!

But yes, if your keyboard needs a clean, I recommend Cyber Clean (nice bit of rhyming there?). It’s very fun ✨.

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