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Electrical problems

Our living room light stopped working the other day. We thought it was the bulb that blew, so we put a different one in, and it still didn’t work. The next one in the chain, the light in the shed, didn’t work either. The problem was obviously up in the ceiling somewhere so we had to wait to few days for the electrician to come.

It turned out the problem was a light in the kitchen, and one was sparking underneath the cover when it was taken off. Apparently it just happens to wires over time, they get shaken around by house vibrations and this is exacerbated if the fitting cover is screwed on too tightly, it just chafes through the wires. But it’s all sorted now ?

Guess what, I had another house brainstorm.
I re-drew the plan to sort out all the teeny things that annoyed me. I decided to focus just on the house and not the grounds. I actually tried to do it in Sketchup yesterday but I fucking hate it so much oh my God.

I have definitely broken Floorplanner because I couldn’t find a lot of the same furniture, but I did find the actual Ikea tables we own!

Guess who put the microwave facing the wrong way.

Electrics. Some icons buggered off in the export including a CO alarm ?

Observe the wonder of a man’s hand having gone through the wall.


These roof sections are HIDEOUS.

Electrics again.

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