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FreyaFest ’17

On Monday it was Freya’s 8th birthday and the 6th anniversary of us adopting her, so on the Saturday we had our usual barbecue. It was really nice, on a big hexagonal blanket with a proper table for stuff and a lot of loungers (some of which didn’t survive the whole day).

We gave Freya a frozen Kong ball as a present; she shouldn’t be able to destroy it and she had been really mopey about not having a chewy ball since she swallowed that other one and sparked a medical emergency.

We sent Freya indoors after a while because it was very hot and humid and obviously that’s not good for dogs. When she did come out to go to the toilet she got so disoriented that she peed almost on top of someone’s foot! It probably didn’t help that people kept insisting on setting up their chairs in her toilet area no matter how much we warned them.

I think it was probably the best barbecue ever purely because it was still going when it got dark ?✨, the string lights and the fire were on and it was such a nice time. Unfortunately Will had a bit too much to drink and had to take himself off to bed, which left me in charge of wrangling guests either up to bed or out the door as appropriate.

Pineapple sandals.


Men make fire.

A blue drink.

My poor broken lounger.

Ben being Ben.

Lord only knows.

We had some stuff that changed the colour of the fire, making it blue and green, but unfortunately it still showed up yellow on my camera!

Lovely string lights.

Kadek got stuck on her way because once she got to Basingstoke station, the trains were cancelled, so Rob and me went to rescue her in a car and had a little adventure. Damn do cars absorb heat, though.
Kadek brought me a t-shirt with pineapples on it ❣ Which I changed into in the afternoon because my jumpsuit was sticking to me.

Chemise à ananas!!!!

Jane and me ❤
I was quite bummed that my jumpsuit was so tight on me when I am literally about 30lbs lighter than I was when I wore it at an event last year, and it was looser on me then somehow? I am now in the 170s but there’s still no visible sign that I’ve lost any weight, and it’s bumming me the hell out.

But yes, I had a very nice time, happy birthday to my sweet baby Frey-Frey ?

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