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I forgot to blog again

We finally own a lawnmower, and as a result, our grass has been cut, for the first time this year! It was getting a bit unruly, and we are due to have our main annual barbecue soon (close to Freya’s birthday, it’s basically a party for our dog disguised as normal human stuff), and obviously thigh-high grass was not going to be very good for sitting with picnic blankets and whatnot.
Hopefully we will also have a bit of a barbecue tomorrow on the bank holiday, although we are still waiting for a proper heavy thunderstorm, so it probably won’t be sunny.
I hope Freya’s Seresto has been keeping her safe, but obviously ticks become a greater risk in long grass, and there are plenty of other reasons that people mow lawns, so I’m glad we’ve finally done it.
Before: A jungle.
It got worse towards the back.
A grass baby.
Here are some recent pictures of me attempting to be a make-up wearer.
A glittery nightmare.
In relation to my post about self-building a house, there were a couple of things about the plan that were still bothering me.

Originally, the entrance and WC jutted out at the front, but the living room was recessed and didn’t join it. I realised it may as well be longer and provide more room for dogs to gawk out of windows.

I also reduced the length of the stairs on the plan to try and line them up better with the skylight as per their layout on the upper floor plan. This results in the stairs looking a bit steep in the 3D version, but I have seen houses with stairs that steep in real life, and I’m sure builders would find a way to sort it out anyway.

I’ve also added a conservatory beyond the kitchen that would serve as a utility room, because I realised it would probably be annoying to have the washing machine in the kitchen, since the two archways around the dining room would mean that the noise always escaped to the lounge. You just need a bit of a space for that sort of thing.

This was the best I could do to make it look like a conservatory.

Bobbles in windows.

The conservatory/ utility room/ boot room would look a bit like thissun, but with more floor space:
And the window added between the entrance and the lounge would be a nice round internal one like this, potentially with a fish/ seahorse tank inside it, as long as the sunlight wouldn’t hit them.
The master bedroom above the living room could potentially be bigger because of the extended lounge below it, but I wasn’t in the mood to fiddle with all that.
Last night I recorded this video on my phone and it’s basically a summary of all the things I hate about myself. I was asleep before it finished uploading from my phone though.
I basically need to see a psychiatrist again although we really don’t have the time for it. I have been so mentally low this week that, in the past with this level of mood, I would have attempted suicide, but I know that doing it wouldn’t be any good so I didn’t bother. I am in a really bad place right now.
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