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My optician adventure ??

I think these are the glasses I’m getting ?

The optician is probably the healthcare provider that I attend least often, but it is important for everyone to go to one. I go to Specsavers pretty much just because my parents took me to them as a child and I went ever since. I must have talked about this before, but just in case: Like quite a lot of people, if not most of the population, I have bad vision.

I’m not sure when it started, or if I ever had good vision, but my earliest eye-related childhood memory is going around the house with an eye patch on, which might have been to try and get the other eye to focus properly? I don’t know. But I was definitely wearing glasses in infant school, and then I think I started wearing monthly lenses in possibly the last year of junior school? Still wearing glasses sometimes for various reasons.

In the past year or two, I forget precisely when, I started wearing daily disposable lenses. They’re easier to deal with as there’s much less maintenance, you just put them in the bin at the end of the day, they do end up feeling quite dry but I suppose that encourages you to put your glasses on again.

I was due for an eye test, and even though I gave my new address to the Soton Specsavers, they wrote me letters asking me to make an appointment back with them, which Will managed to sort out after a couple of phone calls.

I’ve not really been to the actual town centre of Andover, so it was interesting to go there and into an actual shop. I was worried that the branch out here wouldn’t have wheelchair access or a lift upstairs, but they did! The lift here though is much more alarming than the Southampton one. It was smaller, so Will couldn’t come in with me (and my next dog will literally have to get on my lap), and it also doesn’t have glass on one side, it’s just a grey metal box that you slowly ascend without any sense of where you are. I was a bit worried.

I was in day 3 of a currently 4 day migraine (I’ve actually entered it on my app as a tension headache because it’s in both temples and eyes, instead of just on the left, but it won’t go away). The pain is worse at night but never completely abating, even with Sumatriptan. If the same attack continues for many more days I wonder if I should go to the hospital.

I had to stop in the street when I got a really bad surge of pain on my left side (even though I was already sitting down) and I had to keep my sunglasses on inside Specsavers, although I don’t think anyone assumed I was being pretentious because I was at a place for people with eye problems.

I was worried the active migraine may affect how my eyes looked to the optician, but he was happy to do all the tests anyway. This of course involved taking my sunglasses off.

Because the sink was further away from the chair than it was in the Soton rooms, the optician took my lenses out for me so I wouldn’t have to struggle over to the sink. HAVING SOMEONE ELSE’S HANDS IN YOUR EYES IS WEIRD.

The man spent quite a while looking at my eyes, which was super uncomfortable in the middle of a migraine, I had to take some time out with my head bowed down. He used a different light also that I haven’t had before, it was the brightest thing ever and it was horrible.

He didn’t say anything about there being signs of the possible brain tumour (which can apparently show up during eye exams), which is potentially good, I’ve had a blood test so far in that regard and I’m worried/ frustrated about the lack of updates.

The snellen chart here was also so much more modern than at Southampton, rather than just being a box with a light in it, it was an actual electronic monitor that changed its display. I was very surprised when, testing my vision without lenses or glasses, a single letter filled the screen. A giant letter. But I COULD NOT SEE IT! A shop-sign-sized letter and I couldn’t tell him what it was! I was surprised that I am so damn blind. He changed the letters and I managed to make out what looked like a V, because of how simple the shape was, although I saw double of it.

I’ve got an updated prescription, am going through some tester lenses now, and also selected a new pair of glasses. I normally have my lenses thinned but because it’s so expensive we didn’t do it this year, and I’m worried it will make the glasses uncomfortable, but hopefully it’ll be fine.

Speaking of uncomfortable, Freya has been spending a lot of time on our bed recently, which we originally thought was to be affectionate (it was normal for her to be on the bed with us when we first got in, but then move off to her own bed later on in the night). Suddenly she didn’t want to sleep on her own bed at all (but is still fine with her living room one). So we checked her upstairs bed and . . . it was really uncomfortable! The padding has worn right down and it feels like being on bare floor. So we bought her a new bed, one that I’ve been eyeing up for a while (although the colour I was looking at has been discontinued so we got the next best).

She’s a beautiful lovely baby who deserves a lovely bed ?

We ourselves are getting a new mattress soon! We’ve had the same one since we moved into our first flat together in 2010. We are definitely overdue for a new one. It should still be comfortable enough for occasional use on our guest bed (definitely more comfortable than the old sofa cushions currently on it!).

Also, a dog sniffed me in town and it made me really happy.

Here’s a collage I made of the perfect life ❤????????????

(click to enlarge)

(I didn’t use photos of our actual friends in case that was a bit invasive, I just used stock photos of friend-related activities)

My most consistent life ambition has been to have a successful family and have a happy child that I get to adulthood. Being so into anthroponomastics, I would probably have a billion children just to use all the names I love, but that is obviously bonkers. In reality we will probably have an only child who we can focus on and fulfil all the needs of, without spending the sheer amount of money that 2 or 3 kids warrant. Also, getting any 3-bed semi will always leave us with a guest room! I think I’d like to have a girl? But honestly I’d be really happy either way just to have the opportunity to raise someone properly.

I originally wanted us to start a family before 30, because I didn’t want to be super old (if I live that long with EDS and everything else) when my kid(s) are the age I am now. However, I do not think I’ll be ready at 30. So, maybe 35 or 40? I just don’t know. I don’t know how ill I’ll be or what state the world will be in, so I guess I just have to have ambitions and see what happens.

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