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A beany birthday ?

On Saturday it was the birthday party for my best bean Kadek at her very lovely house. Obviously I live in Andover now so Will had to take me on the train back to Southampton while Ben was with Freya, which involved changing at either Basingstoke or Salisbury. It’s a bummer that we don’t have a car because it only takes about half an hour on the road whereas it’s about an hour and a half or two hours by train depending on which one you catch. It also involves taking my big outdoor chair (who I have now named Bartzina, if I have not already mentioned this), and dealing with the ineptitude and rudeness of various people. Like people who put their luggage in the fucking train doorway and are then annoyed that I can’t drive through, people who insist on getting on the train as I am trying to get off and then roll their eyes and throw their head back dramatically when they can’t get through, people who grumble loudly behind me when the sheer lack of space on the train forces me to spend ages doing a billion-point turn.
Also train staff always say they are radioing the next station, they say it 50 times, but they don’t actually do it and nobody at the next stop has any idea a wheelchair user is coming. On both days, Will had to hop off the train and run to find somebody while I loitered there fucking terrified that the train was going to leave (yes I did book assistance a week in advance with all the companies whose trains I would be on). And of course people griped that they couldn’t get past me, despite having perfectly fine legs with which to walk through the carriage and use another door. Urgh people suck.
So it was stressful but also it was the first time me and Will went on a train together since I’ve been a wheelchair user, which is most of our relationship so it’s actually been a really long time.
When we got into Soton, we got to the grassy bit by the museum at the top of the hill from the train station, and there were about five rats just on the pavement in broad daylight who fanned out to run away from us. I mean, we had a house there that had rats but seeing them in broad daylight outside was a bit amazing. I have a bit of a soft spot for rats although I know you shouldn’t touch the wild ones.
Southampton also has a bit of a weird smell to be honest.
But yes eventually we got to Kadek’s house, where I last was all the way back in November when I had the collarbone issue, and I was so in awe of all the Pusheen themed decorations! I LOVE PUSHEEN. A lot of stuff happened outside because it was still daylight and everything had a really nice layout and I really loved the little seating corner with all the blankets and stuff.
I am a big fan of the blanket corner.
I brought the Pringles tray because it is amazing.
Me every time I see the Pringles tray in my own cupboard.
My makeup for the day. I definitely did not take this picture on the toilet.
A picture I sent to Will after I was drunk and in my jammies ?.

A photo Kadek took of us on her phone ?
Despite being advised to pace myself, my first drink was 50% vodka and while I was better about the second one, the damage was done and I became a giggling idiot. Then I had an energy crash and had to get in my pyjamas and chill out in the living room, which isn’t exactly cool party behaviour but I had managed to wipe myself out. Also I split the crotch of my leggings by opening my knees too wide while I was on the toilet.
Speaking of the toilet, I’ve probably said before that the only toilet in Kadek’s house is upstairs. This is awkward for me, someone who usually comes downstairs once in the morning and goes up once at night, and via my bum instead of having the weight on my legs (although I sometimes get lazy and crawl up on my front even though it’s bad for my knees). So, I had to go up and down at Kadek’s house multiple times, which is nobody’s fault obviously (except for people who design houses without thinking about everybody), but it definitely must have contributed to me needing a lie down. 
My thighs were swollen and sore on Sunday (also I had a numb coccyx on Saturday night, which is very specific!) and today my left thigh in particular is really acting up. It’s not as bad as the time I had the collarbone issue, but bearing in mind I constantly live with joint and muscle pain all over my body, but am actually mentioning this specific muscle, it does mean it is pretty bad right now. I thought about not getting out of bed but alas, there was some stuff to do. Thankfully I didn’t set myself too many chores in my planner for today, I knew I’d probably be tired.
I dunno if I pulled it or tore it considering the amount of pain, but it could be either of these muscles judging by the feeling.

So yeah, I had a good weekend ? even if it was sometimes a literal pain in the bum.

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