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Behind on Blogging

This is mostly going to be a collection of pictures from fucking ages ago because I haven’t written about much recently and so I also can’t really remember how things went in order to write about them in much detail now.


Food. New food diary is here.

Some big news is:

Freya started presenting symptoms of bloat, so we rushed her to the vet in case she was about to die. It turns out she had an old ball blocking her stomach! The night was pretty touch-and-go because she was so miserable and in so much pain, I cried a lot but she did pull through.

Pretty much what happened.

Sitting on my feet.

Freya has been pulling the stuffing out of the old pheasant dummy.

A candle I made a couple of years ago that I have now decided to actually use.

The other big news is:

My sister bought me a phone!

It’s an A3.

Not a lot of options there.

Got a nice protective but very cheap case for it.

My family were fed up with not being able to text me, so they bought me an entire motherfucking phone. It’s my first ever fully-touchscreen phone with no physical keyboard, so I am making a lot of errors.

This speaks to me a lot after I went through this.

And the most recent news is that I went all the way to Horsham to interview an applicant who we are hopefully accepting onto the programme. It was nice to meet someone whose doctors weren’t surprised they were calling themselves disabled. Also they had a lovely dog.

My chair ran out of battery before I made it home and it kind of sucked to have my friend cry on the phone to someone about being stuck there with me, then sitting in silence until Will turned up to help me through the stile.

And then I found that someone had drawn little Stars of David ✡ on the walls of my downstairs toilet and also what looks like a botched attempt at the SS logo. It looks like the stars were attempted in biro but the paint has fallen out the middle of them because the person pushed too deeply.

One of the stars is at the point of the wall that I stare at all the time on the toilet. So I am convinced they are fresh from the weekend. The earliest they could be from is the weekend before that, the 11th, when people were last here, and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed them being done because of all the migraines I’ve been having (that’s a whole other story). But between then and now there have only been 3 guests in my house, it’s a really short list of suspects and it fucking sucks.

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