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I keep forgetting to blog

I just keep forgetting to do this and tell you probably-not-that-exciting things about my life.

It was probably two weekends ago now that Will’s family came over and we went out to The Range. The fire alarm went off and we had to leave all our shopping in place, thankfully I had already taken my hearing aids out due to a loud annoying child.
Katy went to the car to get her mum’s coat and apparently heard someone say “my daughter set the button off!” ?. It’s weird how many of the customers just got straight into their cars and drove off without their shopping, we were allowed back in five minutes later!

We got lots of cool cheap stuff, including a DINOSAUR LAMP! Not to overshadow the one Will got me for xmas, of course, but when you see dino homeware you have to grab it! They had a T-Rex one, and I was going to get that since Will already got me a long-necked dino lamp, but it didn’t look like the T-Rex lit up as well as the other one (images online seem to confirm this) so I think I made the right choice in getting another similar dinosaur.

I can’t really think of anything else blog-worthy.

Freya being a silly.

Stretch floof.

Managed to scab my hairline.

Very slightly snowing.

Straighter hair.

Pisto con huevos (but the egg kind of made it a quiche).

I don’t think I’ve seen this warning on Fluoxetine before!

Lovely lamps.

Favourite floofs.

He’s so lovely.

A roast.

Star very nice.

Alia Shawkat’s face here is pretty much the one I’ve been pulling over the last week.

Valentine’s Day.

We cooked the thing!

I was wearing a very inappropriate top for Will’s benefit so had to hide under the Slanket.

Incense smoke look like ghost. 

Windmill ? ?

This was meant to be Courgetti Bolognese but there is a courgette shortage (not even kidding) so there is spaghetti instead.

Such dewlap (I thought I could rotate this after I uploaded it but apparently I can’t).

Bless you.

Aren’t you lovely.

I brushed a lot of fluff out of Freya (I think she’s starting to lose her winter coat maybe) but it doesn’t look as bad as some other NIs.

Lucille’s face here is the other one I have been pulling recently.

Pisto con huevos, again without courgettes and aubergines. This time correct egg ?.
Freya did finally get her new Seresto. Here is a related chart I found about their consistent coverage. Different versions of the website (e.g. UK vs Europe vs US) all state different things in regard to waterproofing (e.g. one site says you can leave the collar on while bathing the dog, another says that each time the collar gets wet it reduces the life of it, etc.) so it seems that getting wet at the lakes would have finished off what was left of Freya’s Seresto. But at least she has a new one now and is no longer scratching. Also, the Indorex spray we used on the house is amazing, no bugs of any kind can cross our carpets without dying!

Crufts is soon and I am super excited for the agility! ??

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