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The many Wills

I have had quite a time recently. So, about a week ago, I posted that I thought the bladder infection was on the way out. I was so damn wrong. Friday night was so bad that I left a note on Will’s desk asking him to call 111 for advice in the morning. And it was a good job I did.

Saturday morning, I was full on delirious from fever. Something about the bedroom curtains was bothering me and making me talk nonsense. I was generally talking nonsense. At some point there was a doctor on the phone who agreed to prescribe antibiotics and fax the prescription through to a pharmacy (which seems like a bit of a dodgy system, although it did work in my favour).

I was so delirious that I imagined Will coming home several times before he actually did. He would be talking to me in the bedroom, but then I would hear his voice downstairs, announcing that he was home. So I would be like “Who the fuck is that downstairs then?” and he’d be like “Oh, I’m not really Guillaume.” So I would start shouting “You’re a fake Will!”, at what was presumably an empty room, since real Will said he didn’t remember me shouting at him.

The fake Wills looped a few times until actual Will came home and brought some glorious Trimethoprim. I took the first one there and then. I take the last one tonight.

The pills have helped so much. The burning in my lower body has gradually reduced. In the last few days the burning has ceased and been replaced with a feeling a bit like a sewing needle being jabbed into the walls of my urethra, but this too has become much more bearable as time has passed.

The only thing still bothering me is the sheer ache in my back and kidneys. I am absolutely wiped out with fatigue, I sleep all night and then need to nap in the day. Last night I had a bath, got a bit POTSy afterwards and so lounged on the bed for a bit. It turns out I was asleep, right until it was actual bedtime! Slept all night last night, and am still so desperately tired this morning.

I feel like there’s so much more to do with the house, there are lingering boxes in the bedroom that I want off the floors etc. But I don’t have energy and I hate it.

Minimal snow.

This looks pretty great.

Attempted photo of the moon.

This is a game called Abzu and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Freya keeps trying to climb onto the back of the sofa. She might think she’s a cat.

A lovely walk at the lake. The swans hissed, but also followed us.

There’s a nice new platform here. Again, border could be a little higher.

But the Travelux Corrado got in through the stile, that’s a win!

I managed to fix Cat Face! The whiskers on one side can’t be found, I guess they got put in the bin at some point, but I managed to get the arrows mostly unbent and now he works again.

I did some sewing with the machine Kadek got me. I had to hand-sew the particular thing in the end, because the machine got temperamental about it, but it was nice to try it.


Moon again.

I thought this was the shadow of someone standing out in the dining room and it gave me the heebs.

Such foot.

Such fluff.

Such freezeframe.

Me getting a sofa snuggle from the dog.

Freya bringing the post.

She’s so lovely.

Will bought me hot water bottles because he’s such a good boy. I was indeed snug as a bug!

I got a Dishmatic wand and it makes things so much easier for my scrubbing hand when I’m washing up! Sadly there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done for the pain in the hand that has to grip the plates.

The Trimethoprim that saved me.

We got some gift cards for the home furniture part of Tesco for xmas, and one of the things we got with them was a Chromecast! We can finally watch Netflix on the telly again and it’s great. (Will’s computer is across the room from the telly in this house, so we can’t just use a cable).

And there is some great stuff on Netflix right now.

Such mysterious fog.

Freya’s having a bit of a rough time of it as well. Her Seresto stopped working after getting too wet at the lakes. I put an old spare dose of Advantage on her to try and buy time before we could get her a new one. Advantage stopped working on fleas in Southampton (which was why I had an unused pack), I was hoping they wouldn’t be so resistant to it in Andover, but apparently they are.

We’ve used Indorex spray on carpets and fabrics all over the house, and it’s fantastic. Nothing can live on our carpets right now, not even spiders going across them. Unfortunately Freya, who gets Flea Allergy Dermatitis, is still suffering and has torn some of her fur out and made her skin bleed.

The vets wouldn’t provide a collar without seeing her (even though it should be on record from the old vets that she gets them prescribed), and the earliest appointment Will could get to take her in was this weekend. But hopefully it goes well and we can both stop feeling miserable.

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